Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 23 October 2020 written Updates


Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 23 october 2020 written updates Serial By StarPlus. Read Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 23 October 2020 (23/10/2020) Written Updates With

Today’s episode starts with Karthik. Which tells Manish and Goenka that it is very important to adopt a child, all will show Krishna below. If on the other hand, Naira is trying to convince Kairava that elder siblings always give love to younger siblings, Krishna will give you a lot of love too, so make her your sister, while on the other side Manish tells Karthik Does not trust him, which is absolutely right because he has given a very good education to Kairav ​​despite being alone.


Today we see that he is a coward, then Naira consoles Karthik that you don’t worry everything will be alright there. Akhilesh asks Manish if he is still not convinced with Karthik. You answer that Karthik is absolutely wrong.


Singhania is dreaming of spending time with Krishna and Naqsh at home, Devayani and sister-in-law asks Naqsh to call Krishna, after which Naqsh calls Kaustik’s number and Karthik does not get his phone.

After that we see that Manish’s call comes on Karthik’s phone. Map asks Krishna to give the phone, after that Manish refuses to talk to Krishna and Naqsh, then after that we see that Manish calls Holds it on hold and seeing all this, mother-in-law says that you are doing absolutely wrong because Krishna will think that Naqsh will never take care of her nor decides to bring Krishna back.


Just after dawn, Akshara takes care of the cause. Kartik and Naira decide what they want to do. Kya Rab puts the talk and later both Kairao and Krishna prepare surprise for Akshara. After that we see that Kartik Naira and Suhasini all Praying for happiness and my lord is praying to support him in adopting Shri Krishna. Later, when Karthik and Naira allow Krishna to give scarf to Akshara, Karam gets upset.

After that the clan goes to Kairam and Krishna to try to make him happy. After that we see Kairava refusing to accept Krishna. After that Kairava ignores you and turns his attention to the clan and Krishna. Kaira sees him She then tries to fix things. Then we see that Vansh asks Gaurav not to bother Gaurav. Then Keshan says that Karthik and Naira love him too much after that. Manish cheers Kairav. Trying to do but he and then Karthik and Naira are watching him from afar. Next we see that Karthik and Naira are ready to present him to Kayarav to explain the story of Lord Krishna.



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