Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 23 January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kartik asking Kairav what occurred. Kairav advises to Kartik that he saw Naira at the market. Kartik stands stunned. He attempts to cause Kairav to comprehend that it very well may be his deception. Kairav cries and tell child Kartik that he embrace and conversed with Naira yet she didn’t react to him. He cries and Kartik comfort Kairav. Kairav says to Kartik he isn’t lying.

Kartik says he realizes he won’t ever lie. He says to Kairav he will come to meet him. Manish asks Kartik what occurred. Kartik shouts at Mainsh and asks him for what valid reason he sends his child a long way from him. Luv Kush, Suwarna and others accumulate. Kartik uncovers due to Mainsh, Kairav has begun having hallucination as he is seeing Naira all over the place. Kartik reveals Kairav saw Naira. Goenka’s stands stunned. Gayu says she realized Naira can’t leave them. S


he says she realized Naira will return for her sister and kids. Surekha attempts to support Gayu. Opposite side, Sirat and her companion meet mentor. Mentor acclaim Sirat present learning she needs on make a major name in the boxing. He adds he can’t give her preparation as he got move to Delhi. Mentor recommend name of Sirat’s progression father. He says he is a decent mentor as well and instructs boxing to young ladies. Sirat and her companion takes a gander at one another. Sirat leaves the spot.


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