Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 22 September 2020 Written Updates: Kartik & Naira

In today’s episode Kya Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai you will be shown that the housemates are very upset because Karthik has not returned home yet. On the other hand, Naira is also very upset that why Karthik has not come home yet, you see that at home When all the people are upset, they tell the whole comrades and family members over there that we are also in a car on the highway, which is also from Karthik Goenka, this car is standing there from the night, then the family gets very upset. And asks them if there was no accident, then the policemen say that no accident happened, it is parked on one side of the road, then the policemen say that no one came to pick it up in the morning because the car was standing since night. We took out the number and found out the address and came here to see the way that finally tells them that Karthik has not come home since yesterday, please help us to find him, then you see that the police tells him to come down Where does it go tomorrow? Why am I not home yet, then Grandma tells the family that she knows something about the car Should not walk, then you see that you lie to the family, there is no love for you, you have gone out of anger, then you see that I start asking the housemates again and again that you all tell me where it is. After a while there a man comes to the swing and he will be sent to see it and then goes out of it and becomes happy that they have done the same. It means that he had gone to take it in the morning but he The man says that no, it was ordered by Karthik 2 days ago, but if it takes 1 day for me to get the change done, then since we have brought it from today, it is even more frightening that if Karthik did not go today, it means that Karthik is not home When she comes, she starts asking the new housemates again that finally tell me where is Grandma again weeping that we lied to you that Karthikeya came home in the morning because we did not want to disturb you, so I say that you are in front of me right now When we go to find, you see that Naira goes to Krishna’s house with Samar, then we see when Krishna’s mother opens the door Hai and that Naira asks her mother if Karthik is here, does she say that he did not come yesterday but now after leaving for some time, she left, then Naira gets scared that where did I get her But you begin to suspect that you call Krishna, I ask him why he had called Kavi and from his words id be done now that Karthik has gone where we can see that you are going to plant today, only then you see Krishna comes there and hugs Mera and starts asking her sorry that I gave you so much trouble, in that condition I should not have even called Kit Kit yesterday, in fact yesterday I was locked in the room and Mommy father was out, I changed them a lot but I did not hear them giving a lot in the room and I was very scared, then I called the cricket, then you see Krishna repeatedly apologizing for his zodiac sign.