Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 22 January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Sirat. She inquires as to whether she recollect her 8th birthday. Sirat uncovers on that day she left her and went with her darling. She applauds and says to Eela no mother can give a blessing like she provided for her.

Eela says to Sirat she has no privilege to affront her. Sirat says she has no regard and regardless of whether somebody beat her and toss out of house than likewise it won’t be call as affront. Eela asks Sirat she can’t talk like this to her. Sirat says she don’t have disgrace left as she meander with her subsequent spouse. Eela and Sirat contend with one another. Sirat’s grandma hinders and requests that both stay silent. Sirat unveils that Eela needs to get her wed since she needs to assume control over the house.


Sirat’s grandma requests that Sirat stay quiet. Sirat asks her grandma for what reason she generally recommends her to hush up. She tosses a container and her companion was going to get hit. Sirat’s companion inquires as to whether she won’t come to meet mentor. Sirat says yes and her grandma stops her. She bolts her inside the room and says she won’t release her anyplace. There, Kartik stops Kairav to go on a school trip.


Kairav thinks great Kartik halted him as he also didn’t had any desire to go out traveling. Luv, Mainsh and Suwarna asks Kartik not to control Kairav to such an extent. Kartik leaves the spot. Opposite side,  Sirat gets away from the house when her granny don’t permit her. There,  Karitk gets disturbed seeing a young lady holding Akshu.

He asks the young lady he would have taken authorization prior to getting his little girl. Young lady inquires as to whether she can hold his girl. Kartik can’t. Akshu cries. Young lady says to Kartik that Akshu was atleast not crying in her arms.




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