Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 February 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Mukesh asking Sirat house or cash whatever is more critical to her she can choose it. Sirat gives house papers to Mukesh. Mukesh takes the house paper and will not offer cash to Sirat. Sirat ask Sheela to stand firm for Mauri and requests that she persuade Mukesh to give her the cash. She requests that Sheela talk with Mukesh. Sheela requests that Mueksh offer cash to Sirat. Mukesh requests that Sheela choose whom she needs to help Muari or him. Sirat cries and requests that Mukesh give her cash. Mukesh says like carport battle, result is chosen. Sirat thinks something and runs from the spot. There, Rohan asks medical clinic staff to highest point cash and start the activity. Assistant won’t take cash and requests that Rohan mastermind full cash. Opposite side, Sirat bears the punch from the resistance. She consider her arrangement with carport battle man. Man requests that Sirat lose the match and can win the cash. Sirat prepares and requests that man save her as she needs to arrive at clinic with the cash. Sirat bear the Punches and tumbles down. Ahead, police attack happens to the spot and everybody runs.

Young lady out there requests that Sirat run too else she will be restricted from doing boxing any longer. Sirat weeps for cash. She further battles to arrive at clinic. Sirat meet with a mishap. She opens her eyes in the medical clinic. Sirat hurries to meet Mauri and think last kicked the bucket. Kartik uphold Sirat. Sirat reviews about the mishap. Kartik attempts to help Sirat.


Sirat defies Kartik and blame him for wrecking her life more. Sirat inquires as to whether he intentionally attempted to do her mishap. Kartik gets Sirat as she was going to black out. Sirat requests that Kartik avoid her. She chose to meet Mauri. There, Surekha chats with Suwarna, Rhea and Gayu. She says she can’t accept for the wellbeing of Kairav he went to meet Sirat. Gayu says she knew before. Suwarna chide Gayu. Vansh and Krish talk with one another and stress for Kairav. Rhea think Sirat won’t join Kartik.



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