Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 21th January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kartik seeing Naira’s image. He says he wish they can meet once more. Sirat is appeared in the equal scene. She sees chintu sneaking into her home and gets his. Chintu call Eela. Eela and Sirat contend with one another. Sirat claims that Eela is certifiably not a decent female as she left her little girl and went with another person. Man come and backing Eela. He challenges Sirat for boxing. Sirat’s grandma stops both. Sirat says Eela is at botch since she doesn’t admonish chintu inspite he was taking cash. Eela says her youngster don’t foul up thing. Sirat’s grandma takes her inside. Afterward, Sirat uncovered Eela is her mom who left her and her dad for another person. There, Eela and Chintu state post Sirat will go they will sell the house. Sirat says to her grandma she won’t allow anybody to sell their part. Here, Kairav figures Naira will meet him today as well. Kartik see Naira’s image. Opposite side, Sirat blows up and punches punch pack. She understands she drop her identification size picture at lodging and races to snatch it. She finds her companion. Her companion inquires as to whether she needs a mentor for her boxing.

Ahead, Kairav calls Kartik and inquires as to whether he can go out traveling with all. Kartik don’t permit Kairav. He inquires as to whether he dozed the previous evening or not. Kairav contemplates Naira doing boxing and going to tell Kartik yet stops mid-way. He thinks until he is certain last night whom he saw was Naira or not. Kairav thinks however Naira don’t do boxing than who right?


Sirat sneaks into Kairav’s school to get her image back. Watchman asks Sirat to expresses gratitude toward Kairav who returned picture back to him. Sirat going to meet Kairav however see her instructor. She requests that gatekeeper offer almonds to Kairav and disclose to God will make his all desire to materialize. Watchman advise to Kairav the equivalent and Kairav sees Sirat’s back. Opposite side, Sirat face Eela. She asserts Eela for demolishing her youth. Sirat makes Eela to review how she left her and her dad for another person. Eela stands stunned.


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