In today’s episode what is this relationship called I will show you that everyone in the house is very happy because Naira is having a baby shower everyone is dancing this way you see that Karthik is also dancing with everyone But now after a while she gets a call from Krishna and she tells him that Superman should come soon so Karti gets scared when she hears what has happened to Krishna. Karthik greets Krishna again and again but from now on If no voice was coming then I would run by the name of Krishna, then everyone would be surprised to hear what happened to Karthik, then everyone would ask Karthik and tell him that Krishna’s call came and he said that I told him She needs our help. She says maybe she misses us. She says no. You don’t remember. We gave her the codeword. Superman. Come quickly. If she’s in trouble, she’ll say it. That’s what she said. The people of the house get very upset, then Kartik comes that I will go and bring Krishna here now, then Naira says that you go to her There is a great need. You see that Karthik leaves from there. After a while, the family also comes home in the bus, so when Naira reaches home, she is very upset after reaching home that Karthik has no phone yet. Everything will be fine there, you can see that Naira is very upset and after a while when she came, she calls and picks up Karthik, but I have not been able to write yet. But she tells Kartik that I should come home with Krishna soon. After a while you see that it is not night, Kaya Rao’s call comes and he starts asking about Aarti and goes that I told Papa The phone was called but her phone was coming unreachable so Naira gets nervous and she says for some reason that you hang up the phone, I am calling your father now, you see that when she is in love, she is calling. He gets a message on his phone, he gets a lot of messages, he says wait for me for a while, everything is fine here,

then there is nothing left to tell you When both you and Krishna are coming home and calling me for free, on the other hand, now we see that grandmother is also very upset about Karthik, why she has not come yet, otherwise Maira Te Maira’s brother and sister in law’s house The two are talking to each other. Angry sister-in-law says to her brother that you know that our son is coming tomorrow, so how am I from now on? Yes, I know. How to tell about her then her elder mother goes there then they come to Naksha and Kirti Ki that somewhere they did not know but they did not know and she says that Krish’s room is ready and this After saying that she leaves, then Kirti says that how can we tell all this to the people of the house, then it destroys that right now you worry about Krishna now and by saying that he leaves from there, on the other hand you see that angry now sleep The second dream is that Karthika is in a dark room and is lying on a table with a white sheet over her. When she gets up the white sheet, there is a car in it. Tik happens and Naira starts crying a lot when she sees this, then suddenly she wakes up and composes what a bad dream message had come before. Goes and says that it is morning now but Karthik has not come yet. I have not known since when my eye has been waiting, so you see that my Karthik starts calling when he starts calling. So she sees that Karthik would not have listened to her message yet, then Naira gets even more nervous this way you see that today’s episode ends here

In tomorrow’s episode, you will be shown that Naira starts asking the family members that I am asking all of you that if there is no call or message from Karthika after tomorrow evening, then grandmother starts crying and says that we all cut off the army Karthikeya phone But the police also come from there and she says that Karthik’s car has been found on the highway but Karthik is not in it. I don’t know where he has gone. Hearing this, Naira gets frightened and They start to feel dizzy. All this will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode