Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 21 October 2020 Written Updates

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 21 october 2020 written updates Serial By StarPlus. Read Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 20 October 2020 (21/10/2020) Written Updates With

Today’s episode starts with Kairava while the stage performs whenever he is scared, he must count to 10 so that he can work. You will see that Kaira decides to jump but when I think of myself, he gets stuck in the middle. Naira Karthik and all of the Govinda family enter the house. At the same time, it starts running. Seeing all the cowards in the balcony, they go to the square.


Karthik tells Karthik to hold him backward for consideration. Kairava tells Karthik and everyone why they have left him alone. Naira Karthik is shocked to hear this. Manish first tells Karthik and Naira to save the cowards. Naira and Karthik run for Aryan’s idea. Karthik goes to open the door. The dialogue starts crying. Krishna prays for the hero.


Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 22 october 2020 written updates Serial

Karthik tries to save the cows. I ask from the side what he is doing in the balcony. Karthik says if he went out to help anyone. Kayra replies in a sense and he asks why you left me alone. Karthik tells the Aryans that he thought that you had left with Manish and Suvarna. Skeabies Krishna tells Suvarna to give Akshara to me. Suvarna fears that Manish is still giving Akshara to Krishna. When Manish sees the child in Krishna’s hand, he starts telling Suvarna why you gave him to Akshara.


Naira and Karthik recall the protests by signing Krishna on paper. Krishna goes to Akshara and tries to do something to her. Kayra gets upset with Krishna and he says that I am angry with everyone and will not even talk to anyone.

Karthik tells Naira to Karthik that talk to the coward from now on and bring it up. In the same way, Bal asks Krishna to give Akshara. In between, you will see that Naira and Karthik come to the disease room. The coward refuses to talk to his parents. Naira and Karthik apologize to Karkar for this negligence. Kaira says that Akshara is very lucky because she has Naira and Karthik. He remembers his childhood thinking that he used to come on a mission to Karitaka at an early age. Karthik tries to convince Kaira that I was far away from him but he still worries about him. After this, Karthik and Naira dance with him and he becomes happy.


Voice and Krish come to Kayarav and try to make him happy. Naira asks to play with her until she makes a good meal. Kairav ​​goes to play with Krish and Voice.

On the other hand, Naira is crying thinking about Karthik. Karthik gives comfort to Naira and says that please forget whatever has happened today. Naira says that we must clear the misconceptions of the cowards. Karthik also nods in his yes.

Paaji you will see that I ask here to talk about Kirti. Suvarna says that she is not in her room. Naira says that she should talk to Kirti. Manish ji is of Noida second that you also talk to us. Naira tries to talk to the city. When Naira talks to Naqsh about Kirti, he says that I don’t want to talk about her. Do the ending of the episode by telling Kairao and Krishna Te and forcing Christian to accept her as his sister.

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