Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 20th January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kairav missing Naira. He sobs for Naira and Sirat is appeared in the equal scene. Kairav cries and says to Naira, she guaranteed her she will be with him generally. He says he is feeling forlorn. Kairav requests that Naira tell she is with her. He returns to his room stowing away from educators. Young men out there ridicule Kairav and inquire as to why he is so terrified. They request that he return on the off chance that he never remained alone with his Parents. Kid said to Kairav to call his Parents and go. Kairav runs out from the room and requests that Naira signal him that she is with him. He cries and runs on the hallway. Kairav goes to don room. He discovers somebody working on boxing. Kairav by one way or another figures out how to check and gets stunned seeing Naira. Sirat work on boxing. Kairav see Sirat and reviews about Naira. He yells out for Naira. Kairav race to cross-check. He finds nobody. Kairav figures he may have envisioned Naira in this manner, nobody is here. He sobs for Naira. Sirat goes from behind. Superintendent comes and asks Kairav what he is doing in boxing region and why he is holy. Kairav cries. Superintendent advises to Kairav possibly place is new consequently, he is sacrosanct and takes Kairav with him.

Opposite side, Sirat stows away from watch out there and goes to her room. Here, Kairav contemplates Naira. Inn staff discusses Kairav. A man out there says Kairav’s case is distinctive in light of the fact that he lost his mom as of late. Other part says in this way, his dad was getting passionate why dropping Kairav here. In the interim, Kairav think whether it was Naira or his hallucination. At Goenka house, Kartik returns. He see Akshu and picks her in his arms. He gives Akshu back to Suwarna and Manish. Kartik goes to his room and opens the storage compartment. He take out Naira’s image and says he needed to occupied himself by dealing with their youngsters yet he is again powerless post Kairav left. Mainsh see Kartik. Kartik embraces Mainsh.


In the first part of the day, Kairav see Naira’s image and inquires as to whether it was she or he just envisioned. He figures creative mind can’t be so genuine. There, Sirat’s grandma awakens her. She insults her bring Mary Com. Sirat talks in Haryavani. Sirat’s grandma cautions her not to get away from the house around evening time to work on boxing. Sirat says in the event that she needs to work on boxing with the expectation of complimentary that she needs to stow away and enter boxing ring.


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