Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 20 October 2020 Written Updates


Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 21 october 2020 written updates Serial By StarPlus. Read Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 21 October 2020 (21/10/2020) Written Updates With

Today’s episode begins with Going’s family and Naira having a daughter in court. Naira remembers the past and thinks how she once stood in court against Kati…


In another house, Kairav ​​goes crazy and throws all the same times in his room. You will see that Karthik comes back to the house and Gayatri tells him that Karthik kills the house assistant and he gets hurt.


Next you will see that the case starts in court. They fight with each other. Naira, Trisha and Naksh get confused. Zaveri ji tells him not to believe him because he has wrongly accused Luv-Kush. Naira stands up and tells them that it is trying to make false allegations. He says that something has gone wrong with Trisha. Jubera seems to worship whether he saw Luv Kush doing any wrong thing with Trisha or not. Naira answers in a resentment and starts telling the judge that Zaveri is on her side, but she has not changed in her favor.

. Naira stands up and says that Zaveri is trying to prove the wrong thing. She says that something went wrong with Trisha. Zaveri asks if he has seen Luv Kush doing any wrong thing with Trisha. Naira says no and tells the judge that Zaveri was on his side, but he didn’t change his side, don’t know why. Jabra laughed at Naira.


What delays reveal that he is a killer nail, not his. I say that I am lying. She promised me yesterday that she
Will fight for Trisha. You are not fighting for Jhaveri because he will definitely get justice for Luv Kush. Zaira lies and Naira gets angry. Naqsh asks to control Naira.

Likewise today my live made scream of Love Kush. Next you will see that the map says that on me
Depended but left them. Naira says that Zaveri ji is a small man and is lying. Seeing the quarrels between Naira and Dwivedi, they change the date. Zaveri ji asks for bail and Luv Kush gets bail.


Zaira takes bail by lying and Naira gets very angry at him. It is like this that she challenges him that one day she will be brought to the fore.

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