Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 February 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kartik see sorry card on Kairav’s hand. Kairav apologize to Kartik and says he has guaranteed Naira that he won’t ever make trouble with Kartik and her regardless of whether he is irate. Kartik pardon Kairav. Kairav requests that Kartik pardon Naira too as he hollered her last day gravely. He says Naira was crying.

Kairav says to Karitk he won’t ask the explanation for his battle with Naira and requests that he guarantee him that he will bring Naira back home. Karitk advises to Kairav that young lady is Sirat and not Naira. He adds Sirat don’t have to enter their life. Kairav flees. There, Sheela asks Suhasini what work she has with Sirat. She says she can advise her. Suhasini says to Sheela that she needs to meet Sirat as it were.


Then, Sonu attempts to take Suhasini’s satchel and Sirat stops Sonu. Suhasini see Sirat and says she can’t be Naira. Sheela see Sirat and inquires as to whether she know Suhasini. She asks Sirat what she did that lady is here to meet her. Sirat asks Sheela to don’t meddle in her life and take care of her parlor. She acts mischievously with Sheela. Sheela calls Sirat discourteous.


There, Kairav tosses toys and says why Kartik isn’t getting back to Naira back. He vents out at his toys. Kairav going to black out, Kartik and Rhea gets stunned seeing him. Kartik stresses for Kairav. Opposite side, Suhasini requests that Sirat become Kairav’s tutor. She offers Sirat cash. Sirat and Mauri sit stunned. Sirat lash out Suhasini for offering her cash to turn into Kairav’s tutor. Suhasini says to Sirat in the event that she needs she will expand the compensation. Sheela and Sonu sticks out and says nothing is discernible. Mauri says to Suhasini not to inconvenience Sirat any longer. She adds Sirat will just leave her post her wedding is finished. Sirat return cash to Suhasini and says she can appeal to God for Kairav yet can’t fix him.

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