Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 2 November 2020 Written Updates

Today’s episode begins with Karthik as his family lives together just as Lord Ram’s family lives together. Krishna tells Kairava that I got a good award Cairo asks him to learn next year. The coward tells Krishna and the offspring that Krishna is not as bad as we understood him to be. Similarly Kya Raghuvansh and Krish go to see Akshara but Akshara is missing. Kayra does her doctorate in Delhi.

On the other hand, all the householders find that Akshara is missing in the house. All of them apply Akshara’s exam to Krishna because Akshara Krishna was with her at the last moment. She faints when Naira thinks of Akshara. Manish threatens Krishna that if anything happens to Akshara, she will not mind.


The other cowards find that Krishna is in the truck and he goes behind the truck. In this way, the trucker feels that someone is calling him and goes into a truck like this and he tries to find Akshara in it.


Naira regains consciousness at home and asks Karthik to find Akshara. Suhasini then decides to drive Krishna out of the house. Kartik asks Samaj to talk about it later. Krishna Goenka They tell the family that she had left Krishna with the clan. Kartik interrogates them. Karthik learns from the clan and Krish that Kairav ​​has run into the back of the truck and Akshara was inside the truck. Similarly, the coward looks in the box to find Akshara.

Naira cries a lot for Akshara and Naira. Such Taken decides to find both. And I pray to God that Akshara and the coward get together soon.


Later you will see that Karthik and Naira reach the truck driver and ask them to check if our children are inside. The truck driver tells that there are no children in my truck. Naira and Karthik are surprised. Such a small episode ends.

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