Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 19th January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kartik saying pen isn’t working. Secretary gives another pen to Kartik and requests that he sign quick else counter will close. Kairav inquires as to whether confirmation is finished. Kartik gets sad and sign on the papers. Superintendent requests that new affirmations go with her. Kartik stops Kairav and inquires as to whether he truly need to go.

Kairav says affirmation is done and now he needs to leave. Kartik says he will drop his affirmation. Kartik embraces Kairav. Kairav goes to inn and cries. Kartik thinks Kairav consistently hold his hand at that point rest and he won’t have the option to remain at inn for long.


Kairav cries and superintendent inquires as to whether he needs to return home. Kartik reviews Mainsh’s statement where he referenced how Kartik is losing himself dealing with Akshu and him. Back to the real world’ Kairav asks superintendent not to call Kartik as he would prefer not to return home.


Here, Kartik trusts Kairav will return to him yet goes out. Late around evening time, Kartik educates Suwarna that he is sitting external Kairav’s inn so he can bring him back if his heart changes. He figures Kairav won’t have the option to rest without him. Kairav sobs for Kartik.

Kairav see Kartik sitting outside. He don’t react. Kartik urges watchman to allow him to meet Kairav once. Gatekeeper says he can’t permit him to go yet he can proceed to check his child. Kartik gives his portable to monitor. Watchman shows to Kartik that Kairav is resting. Kairav thinks he is harming Kartik insipte realizing last is missing him a great deal. Kairva chooses not to educate Kartik regarding his agony.


Toward the beginning of the day, Kairav meet Kartik. Kartik says to Kairav he realizes he didn’t rested the previous evening and came up with rationalization. He requests that Kairav pack his back and they will return home. Kairav attempts to persuade Kartik to return home without him. Kartik will not return home without him. Both talk with one another. Read More….


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