Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 19 September 2020 Written update

Today’s episode, what is this relationship called, I will show you that both Naqsh and Karthik go to the market which Chunri forgot at home. He reaches to pick them up from there but those people are not getting anywhere from the other side. You see that the housemates are getting very upset that why Karthik and Naqsh have not yet come with Chunri, then after some time you see that Karthik and Mapa reach home and Karthik tells the family that there is no arrangement for Chunri It has happened, but someone has made a good arrangement like it was made at home after the wedding was done, now the jewelery will be made at home as well, so the people are very happy to hear this.

On the other side, see that both Kirti and Gayu are readying Naira for a baby shower. After some time both of them come out, Karthik comes to where Naira is then she says that you bring Naira so when she When he goes to pick Naira from the room, he is very happy to see Naira and says that you are looking very beautiful, only then you are watching, after some time, Karthik would come out with Naira and both of them worship together All the family members are very happy to see this, when Grandma tells Naqsh and Keerthi that both of you also do Aarti for the other child but Athirati and not start thinking that we both had decided to take the Divorce. How do I tell the family members, I get upset thinking that after a while you see that the Naira baby shower ceremony starts, all the families decorate the house very well and they feel different for Mera All the family members are trying to make everyone happy on their own behalf and I am very happy to see all this and thank the family members I’m so lucky

I have found such a family and thank Karthik that you are the best husband in the world, when the housemates tell Naira what they planned for her when she sees this, she becomes even more happy like this. You see that all the householders are celebrating the joy of Naira’s baby shower that Krishna’s call comes on Karthikeya’s phone and he tells Karthik that he needs Karti’s help when Karthik ji hears it all He gets very upset about which problem Krishna has got, he tells everything to Nara and all the family also gets to know and everyone gets very upset that all this is happening only then Naira Karthik She tells you to try the phone one more time but Aarti says that her phone is not working, thus today’s episode ends here.

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that Karthik starts leaving the house to help Krishna, then he tells Naira that I am doing fine, so I say that you are doing fine, then Karthik says it from home. It goes out to help Krishna, so this will be shown to you in Monday’s episode.