Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 March 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Gayu bring nourishment for Sirat. Sirat ask Gayu how she realize the food is her top choice and Mauri also loves it. Gayu says to Sirat she is her sister however she don’t comprehend why Kartik has kept her at out house. She ask Sirat not to stress as Kartik does everything right.

Gayu apologize to Sirat for her past deeds pondering Naira. She inquire as to whether she ever needs anything she can advise her. Sirat discusses Gayu and says to Mauri that she don’t have the foggiest idea why Goenka’s call her insane. She says Gayu was in stun when she lost Naira as she didn’t got an opportunity to apologize to her. Sirat advise to Mauri that when she initially met with Gayu, Gayu apologized her that day as well. She says Naira’s passing got Gayu and Kairav in stun.


Goenka’s deal with Kairav however none consideration about Gayu inspite she handle everything.


Opposite side, Riya talk with Akshu. She fantasies about wedding Kartik. Riya says to Akshu once she will wed Kartik, she will send her to infant care focus. Gayu fights against eminent loss. Riya think she is gotten. Gayu chides her for continually dealing with Akshu. She request that not concern as Naira is back.

Surekha come and ask Riya not to feel terrible about Gay’s promise as she has lost everything. Riya think once Kartik will be hers, she will toss her out as well. Here, Kartik invest energy with Akshu and apologize with her for not ready to invest time with her from long. He says he is glad to see Kairav and Akshu both with him. Kartik apologize to Naira for not ready to invest energy with Akshu. He in rest request that Sirat avoid him as she continues to catch him.


Toward the beginning of the day, Mainsh search for Kartik. Riya advise to Goenka’s that Kartik went with Sirat some place. Manish gets chafed. There, Kartik spurs Sirat for playing boxing. Sirat gets upbeat and inquire as to whether he will get to know her. Kartik reviews about Naira and takes forward his hand to do fellowship with Sirat. Read more…….


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