Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th January 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kartik searching for Kairav. He gets some information about Kairav. Mentor advises to Kartik that Kairav is in an evolving room. Kartik says to mentor, he needs to change Kairav’s stream as he won’t permit him to rehearse risky game like boxing. Mentor advises to Kartik that Kairav is keen on boxing. Kartik says Kairav is a child and he realizes what is acceptable and awful for him. Mentor says he is altogether different dad. Kartik blows up on mentor and Kairav calls Kartik from behind.

There, Suwarna shows sewed material for Vatsal. Gayu gets glad and cry later reasoning Naira was going to sew sweater for Vatsal yet she upset Naira and she disregarded them. Gayu cries and leave the spot. Akhilesh come and says to Suwarna, all are vexed however concealing agony. Keerti come and says not just Kartik even Naksh hasn’t talked anything separated from Naira. Mainsh says Kartik is connecting with himself in dealing with Akshu and Kairav so that none can see he is in torment and miss Naira. Surekha intercede and propose about Kartik’s subsequent marriage. Goenka’s stands stunned. Meanwhile, Manish gets a call and stands shocked.


Ahead, Kartik says to Kairav that he is harmed hence, he is preventing him from selecting boxing. Kairav advise to Kartik that he got injured on the grounds that Vansh accidentally hit him with bottle. Mainsh requests that Kairav head inside and blocks Karitk’s direction. Kartik says to Mainsh that Kairav is harmed and he needs to deal with him, in this way he has no an ideal opportunity to share a discussion. Mainsh says to Kartik that he will deal with Kairav as all can see Kairav isn’t do any harm. Further,


Mainsh asks Kartik not to do outrageous in his possessiveness towards Kairav and Akshu. He requests that Kartik offer space to them. Manish asks Kartik for what reason he hit Kairav’s mentor. Kartik and Manish contends with one another. Manish chooses to isolate Kairav and Akshu from Kartik for his advancement. Kairav over hears Mainsh’s discussion. Read more…..


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