Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai A few months after the week begins, the Govinda family arrives and tells Karthik that a few months ago you, Karthik, intervene on the paper and ask him not to miss those moments. Kartikaira approaches and tries to feed her breakfast, Naira refuses to have breakfast.

Today you see you today that Naira becomes 7 months pregnant Naira, and she demands to get Karthik out, but Karthik is adamant about one thing and says I will not go, Suline, Suhasini, Suvarna And all do and explain to Karthik and say that he has the right and if he never ever stays then he does no harm. Karthik says that I am scared because of that accident, that’s why he is not letting Naira out alone.

You see that Karthikayara possesses and takes care of him and does not do any work to him. You see Inder Naira asks Karthik to go out of the house, then he gives permission to go outside, all the family members get very excited to go out. Both Naira and Karthik pray to God to take care of them.

Next you see that Gau and Naira spend time. Karthik asks Naira village to try to convince him that being pregnant is not a disease, so he should not be taken care of. He says that this is Karthik’s love.

You see that Karthikaira makes some plans with Suhasini to give her a gift. Apart from this, all the families with coffee come on the bus. Karthik calls such alcohol, I will settle down, everyone is shocked. All the family pray for God, for good health, thinking about Naira and Karthik’s children that he can also change the driver. This is how the week ends.

Yeh Rishta Kya khalata hai 18 September 2020 written update

Precap: That’s how you see Karti surprise Kyra, arranging for her baby shower.