Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 17 October 2020 written updates

Yrkkh Written Updates

Today, this episode will be shown to you in a relationship called Kya, who is fighting the name of Naira’s daughter in the house, then everyone was singing and in the meantime, Naira gives her daughter’s name Akshara and after hearing the name everyone’s eyes Tears come from me, then grandmother says that we know that you love your mother very much but if kept, it would be better if you do not, grandmother, I love my mother but since it has come to me There is a feeling of being around the mother too, so Kirti comes there when she sits by the name of Akshara and she says that Bua’s mohar has been named, so all the people in the alphabet Baby’s name become very happy.

In this way, the naming function ends in the house and after the function is over, the photos are clicked, they are ready to get their family photographed, in the meantime, Kya Rao tells his mother that only four in our family People are fifth, it cannot come in. He was talking about Krishna, then Naira explained to him that when we were in Goa, the father used to call us in any photo, we were not part of his family, yet he was giving us The family used to call in the photo and she says that we have a relationship with everyone. Relationship is the person we accept as our own. Similarly, if you consider Krishna as your sister, then I will become your sister and be a friend. Will become friends, but Kayra again says that Krishna is not my sister.


Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 19 October 2020 written updates


Then Karthik interjects, saying what you will eat after clicking the photo, Mamma’s hand food or Papa’s hand food and he also talks about games and Kaira is very happy to hear about the game. And he says that the Rolls game will make you get me like this. After some time, the family photo is clicked in the house. After some time, let’s see that the Kairava dynasty and Krishna go to play in the three Kairava’s room. When I see the same thing as Krishna, he says that I had told my father that he should leave Krishna and never bring him back but he did not listen to me and brought Krishna again and his mood deteriorates. Then Krishna and he explain to both of them why you are worrying about this, we play neither do you see that I start playing all three, then Krishna is a caste from above and I start asking if my goods belong to agriculture. It is said that if you play with us, we will tell you to be smart only then Krishna that I will play with you people.

He says that when we play where this basketball will go, we will pick it up with our mouth and see on the other side that Karthik was getting calls from the orphanage again and again and he picks up the phone only then he says that the girl you have in your house You cannot keep him in your house like this, if you want to keep him in the house, then you have to doctor him, that too within 2 days, then both Naira and Karthik get upset that how will we tell Karma that we Krishna is going to be a doctor.


Anupama 19 October 2020 Written Updates

He was so angry at the name of the photo, so if he knows this, then he does not know what to remember, then when Karthik and Naira are passing through the room, then they see that Krishna dynasty would be playing Kairav ​​and Krish 3. He becomes very happy to see them, then Naira and Karthik say that it is not so difficult to tell the Kayarav as much as we were saying that we should talk about this, but today we will not let him play.


When Karthik and Naira leave from there, Kayra tells Krishna that we told you to hold on to the ball and not to put it in the basket, why did you put it in it and he starts getting angry with Krishna and he She tells him to take your luggage and leave this room, Krishna’s mood goes off and she walks out of that room, only then you see it happens after a while and the romance of both Naira and Karthik starts. it happens.

Similarly, after some time, Naira gets a call from her grandmother and is spoiled as to what the great grandmother is saying on such a night. When she picks up the phone, the elder grandmother tells her that tomorrow is Kirti and Naqsh’s marriage anniversary, so we are thinking Were we not able to understand what to do tomorrow, Karthik and Naira want them to worry that you will do everything, only then we are angry that you just do something that you do not wish them to do and tomorrow, some excuse outside You have to send it, then the great grandmother says that I am already going out for some work tomorrow, then both Kirti and Naqsh are talking that we have already told the grandmother that we are going out for some work tomorrow. That is why Kirti says tomorrow how will it feel to tell about our marriage anniversary brother and give it to the Divorce, only then it does not say if there will be a day, when the paper will be completed, we will tell everything to everyone. It ends

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