Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 February 2021 Written Updates full episode

The present scene begins with Rohan praising Sirat. Sirat requests Rohan to click an image from her and she will send it to Mauri. Rohan propose Sirat an area to click an image. There, inn staff converses with themselves and seeing Sirat’s cake choose to design it basically as customer isn’t premium.

Kartik over hear a discussion and says somebody is commending day on Naira and his wedding, it can’t be a basic day. He choose to buy enormous cake for Sirat. He enlivens cake for Sirat unconsciously and asks staff not to disparage customer based on premium part or not. Kartik asks club staff to keep large heart on the extraordinary event.


He asks staff not to tell the individual that he has send him/her cake. Kartik requests that Staff give the cake on club be-half. Sirat and Kartik’s hit and miss second occur.


Ahead, Sirat and Rohan see the cake and gets hypnotized. Rohan advise to Sirat that he has requested little size cake. Staff says club is giving free cake to her. Sirat says to Rohan, in her life she is feeling unique interestingly.

Sirat makes a paper rose and requests that staff provide for the individual whosoever has talented her the cake. Staff requests that Sirat stick it on notification board. Sirat composes bless your heart. Kartik see the rose. Further, Rohan asks Sirat for what valid reason she hasn’t sit on the zone where her representation was kept. Sirat says she feel little at large regions. Here, Krish inquires as to whether he is certain Naira will come.


Kariav says he and Gayu trusts Naira will come. Afterward, Kartik gives a discourse on his and Naira’s excursion. He reviews his minutes with Naira. Sirat over hear Kartik’s discourse and gets stricken. She says to Rohan she isn’t keen on wedding. Kartik says Naira will perpetually stay in his heart as she showed him everything directly from dealing with kids to being a capable individual.


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