Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th January 2021 Written Update

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He says I know, you ought to have advised me. She says I m frightened for you. He says I will make Vedika out of my life, how could she do this, I guaranteed her father that I will deal with her, however now I won’t leave her. She says she fouled up, however because of her depression. FB closes. Vedika says this is cheating. Kartik admonishes her. Vedika says our separation didn’t occur. He says you have marked our marriage revocation papers. She reviews. She says I didn’t anticipate this from you. He says I likewise didn’t anticipate this from you, we gave you enough possibilities. He says I planned to ask you, yet Naira halted me, she said that you did numerous things right. Naira says you are acceptable, so you didn’t inconvenience Kartik, you fell forlorn, in the event that you acknowledged your error and went, we would have not told the family. He says you continued lying.

Dadi says they are correct, you’re not terrible on a fundamental level, I would have pardoned you, we fouled up with you. Suwarna says distress is our test, in the event that we keep our integrity, we are known as a decent individual. Vedika yells stop it, I lied and cheated, I can’t amend my slip-up, rebuff me, I don’t merit the fellowship, Kartik rebuff me. Kartik state we have no whines. Naira says when you understood mix-up, we should uphold you. Vedika says no, I merit discipline. Dadi requests that Vedika disappear and fail to remember them, proceed onward and attempt to remain cheerful, everybody commits errors, you have understood your slip-up, I need you to remain glad throughout everyday life. Vedika embraces her. Naira says call us or come here in the event that you need something. Vedika breaks her mangalsutra and offers it to Naira.

She says I wish you both consistently stay upbeat. Naira embraces Vedika. Kartik says consistently recall that, we will consistently be companions. Vedika welcomes them and goes. Kartik and Naira clasp hands. Its morning, Kairav says its mumma and Papa’s marriage today. He moves cheerfully and says nothing should turn out badly. Kairav comes to Naira. He embraces her. Naira prepares. Dadi arrives at the sanctuary and rushes. She gets Kartik’s message. Kartik asks her not to furious and simply be cheerful. Dadi answers fine. She says he realizes I can’t decline to him. Kartik says its our marriage. Naira moves and says indeed, its our marriage. They see each other on the projector screen. Saajna… ..plays… They dance. He says see you soon. She says very soon. Surekha cries.


Dadi inquires as to for what reason are you crying. Surekha says I m so cheerful, Lav and Kush are coming after numerous years. She tells the women that her children are coming. Surekha says I have likewise raised them. Dadi says don’t make me cry now. They go. Manish, Akhilesh and Samarth giggle seeing them cry. They joke.

Akhilesh says Lav and Kush are coming. They cry. Kartik and Naira state we are leaving. Naksh says even I wish to cry. Manish says for Naira’s bidaai. Naksh says no, continually something turns out badly in the marriage. Manish says right. Dadi says we have arranged everything. She requests that Surekha and Suwarna keep aarti plate prepared. The cow makes all the great tumble down. They yell. Manish asks what occurred. They show the food fallen on the ground. Suwarna says cow ate the food, and furthermore vanar sena additionally destroyed it. Naksh says I had arranged all the food since morning. Dadi says I had made all laddoos. Kartik and Naira’s garments stall out. Read More….



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