What is this relationship called? In today’s week, you will be shown that when Aditya shows all the truth then the family of Going does not believe in him, he says that if they do not trust him then he is conducting a pandemic test in the court. . Should be allowed In the same way Naira slaps tiredly. Similarly, Aditya is kicked out of the Karthik house. Aditya becomes very happy that I have created doubt in Karsh’s mind. He says that I am very happy now because I have completed my revenge. Because doubt has no cure.

When Aditya leaves, Naira and Karthik ask Naqsh not to doubt him. You see that Naira tells Naqsh not to show his mistake and tells him not to destroy the house. Naira feels complete. Naqsh takes Preeti back home.

Ka’s family becomes happy and starts discussing about Kirti and Naqsh. You see that Naira faints and Karthik is shocked to see this, on the other hand you see that Devayani and mother Kirti and Naqsh welcome. Does. . Kirti hugs Naqsh to ive him. Keerthi is happy, I say you are not happy. Speech OF goes on.

Meanwhile, you see Naira goes to Ghoshal, Karthik starts telling her that she is pregnant, the Goenka family congratulate each other.

You see that Naqsh does not live up to Kirti and says that I still do not believe in you because I did not want to disturb others, that is why he brought you home Kirti is shocked to hear this.

On the other hand, someone’s family are happy people and they tell each other the good news. You see him go to Kairava’s room and look at the family tree. He starts smiling. Karthik’s picture falls down, his family prays to God because they have got so much happiness together, Suhasini is overjoyed and starts thinking about the baby’s name. Gayu begins to feel that Suhasini never showed this enthusiasm for him. He is thinking that he is happy with Naira being his sister.

You see that when Naira wakes up in the morning, there are no Kartik there. You see Naira starts looking for Karthik and is happy. Kayra tells time with speed.

Second and you see that Kirti waits for Karsha, Karsha leaves that room and leaves. You see Naira having a dream, she cannot find Karthik anywhere and starts to worry, Naira falls down the stairs when she searches for Karthik. That’s how the week ends.

In tomorrow’s phase you see that Naira falls down the stairs, further it has to be seen what is coming next in the Kami phase.