Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 16 October 2020 written updates

Yrkkh Written Updates

Today’s episode, what is this relationship called? You will be shown that when 13 get Karthik out of the room, then he has seen that all Kirti would be readying Naira and I say that today everyone is trying to impress me. Those people should be named after their names, but I am pregnant, I will name the baby as I wish, when Naira says that I finish you on sorry, you keep this name, then you see that Kirti Naira in front of the glass She sits and covers it and tells her that you probably know that when I am ready you don’t want to see a mirror, I will love you the way you have to go down like this, you give that Karthik is with children and he is sleeping on the baby.

Anupama 19 October 2020 Written Updates


Then Trishna is standing there at a distance, so what is the problem that you come here, why are you standing there, why do you not like it? After some time, you see that Kirti brings Naira down and she smacks. Karthik tries a lot to see the golden in that veil but he can’t see it, then you see that Rashmi starts and Raka lifts the veil and puts a limb in front of him, then Kirti Karthik says that I have a very good Nehra. Ready and liked you too.


It is being revealed by your eyes that now my gift is called to me saying that my wife is so beautiful, if you put a dot on her, she would look very beautiful. She is saying all this to tease Kirti. That is why Kirti says that why did I have to work so hard again, if one day I had to put curd, then only Grandma says that now you will keep on talking wasteful things that you will start further rituals, only then Karthik does not give gift to the wanderer When you see a wandering, there is a sari and vermilion in it, only then it is seen in the map.

Naqsh and Keerthi look at each other but there is no happiness on their face, seeing that they did not keep asking, how did you like the gift, then Kirti says from above that only then you see that after some time Pandit comes Is and the naming ceremony begins in the house, when all the families reach the worship, there is no Krishna there, then Nehra says that call Krishna then Krishna is called.



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