Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 February 2021 Written Updates full episode

The present scene begins with Suhasini saying to Kartik that she needs to meet Sirat. Kartik gets some information about some other young lady other than Sirat. Suhasini says she simply need to see, the amount Sirat is indistinguishable Naira. Kartik says very little. Suhasini says than why Kairav and he got stunned seeing her. Here, Sirat reviews her past and give an intense battle to the contender. She dominate the game. Rohan feels pleased with Sirat. Suhasini says to Kartik that everything occurs in a life which is as it should be. Post dominating the game, Sirat reviews how Mahesh and Sheela used to think little of her. She gets sad. Opposite side, Mauri inquires as to whether he needs to eat pizza than he needs to work.

Sonu concur and asks Mauri not to advise to Sheela. Sheela come and Sonu flee. Mauri see sweet box in Sheela’s grasp and think last recollects Sirat’s birthday. Sheela requests that Mauri have sweet as property bargain break the arrangement. Mauri holler at Sheela for being stone heart and don’t recall Sirat’s birthday. She charge Sheela for attempting to slander Sirat. Mauri breaks her bind with Sheela. Sheela leaves the room. Mauri implore God and requests to favor Sirat with a decent family so she dispose of Sheela.


There, Sirat wins prize cash. Rohan requests that Sirat give party. Both arrive at a similar spot where, Karitk hosts organized commemoration get-together in Naira’s memory. Inn staff gets confounded and think Sirat is Naira. He invite Sirat. Sirat says to Rohan that spot appears to be costly.


Rohan gets some information about the cash. Here, Goenka’s scope. Kairav gets eager to meet Naira. Rhea asks Kairav, Vansh and Krish to tell they enjoyed the design or not.Afterwards, Sirat see game plan of Naira and thinks it is accomplished for her. Rohan think he asked cafĂ© staff to do little course of action however did it amazingly.


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