Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 September 2020 Written Update

Today’s episode begins with the nurse. Karthik asks Narsi to slow it all down. Akhilesh says that he feels that his fear is completely gone after its injection, similarly Karthik says that it is not now that this fear has returned. Is, similarly he now warns to eliminate this fear. The nurse gets blood and she says you will find out tomorrow.

Secondly and you will see that Kirti comes and everyone looks at them, she sits down on her knees, everyone runs towards them, Naira and Karthik start asking her what happened. Kirti says that everything is over, Dadi asks that Naqsh asks her to leave the house.

Similarly, on the other side, you will see that Naqsh’s grandmother asks about bringing back Kirti, who starts to ask what happened and where she has gone, Naqsh is broken and asks him what he did wrong and why he was punished. Meet Naqsh cries because he loved Kirti very much and trusts her very much

On the other hand Dadi asks Keerti what Naqsh told you. Kirti says that Akshay does not trust me and thinks that Krishna is not his son, everyone is surprised to hear this and many questions. Kirti starts asking Naira that you knew anything about the fight. Naira says that she did not know anything but she knows that it is due to Aditya.

On the other hand Naqsh starts to cry and says that Kirti used to meet Shipya with Vidya, why she used to do this. I start thinking that if Vaidya trusts him more than that, that is why Kirti agrees on Aditya and says that she got him a lot Troubled

Kirti tells them such things which are beyond listening. Kirti cries too much, Karthik silences them, and says we know that you are truthful, but tell us what is true.

Keerthi tells everyone that once he went on a friend’s birthday, Aditya met him at that party, after seeing him, I started the map where we go, but his friend insisted that we stay there till we cut the cake. Stopped. But Naqsh was having a headache, that’s why he slept right there. He did not remember anything and Divya claims that Krishna was also born the same night, Kirti says that she should trust me as this is Naqsh’s son. Aditya is blackmailing us. She says I have done nothing. Grandma says that through the nose, you say such a big thing, Spy Kirti, that I did not want to bother them by telling them this, its fault is that she trusted Aditya.

Devayani denies Kirti Kirti. Naqsh’s grandmother favors Keerti as it has the rest of the family members like Naira Karthik and others will be affected. Naira calls Naqsh and tells him not to worry, Mera warns them that Aditya is very bad. Does it want that all this happen and Naqsh and Kirti break up their relationship? But Naqsh refuses all this, I say I can’t come, he disconnects the phone.

Karthik does not think of Naira whether the map will come here. Naira says that he has not given any answer. Karthik says that the map is wrong, he should not leave Kirti like this. Naira worships God wrong because bad things are also happening in her life. Karthik hugs Naira and he says that I will fix everything soon.

Later, when Naira goes to the kitchen, she starts feeling dizzy and Karthik comes and asks her if she is okay. Naira says that I am feeling a little weak. Perhaps her blood is low. Karthik is worried about her. Asks not to be taken. Naira asks about farming. Karthik says that all the family members are with him, he sits there and gives medicines and hugs.

Dadi has scolded Naqsh, I tell him what happened to Karthik and Naira, how many years were wasted due to their small misunderstanding.

Aditya arrives at the wedding, Karthik sees her and grabs her cooler, after seeing her, the whole family remains Rana. Karthik pushes Divya before doing so. Aditya joins Karthik and says that Krishna is my son, so give me my son, I will leave from here. Naira says that Krishna is the son of Kirti and Naqsh. Whereas Aditya considers Krishna as his son. Karthik threatens to kill him.

Aditya gets Karthik to get all the irrigation done that night and says that Kirti had handled me when he was drunk. He also shows some pictures of that night. Kirti says that everything is a lie, Aditya says that if If I love him, then he should understand that what was a mistake says that he has a map, but I have none other than Krishna. Aditya asks him to give it back to Krishna, else I can Can go to great lengths.

Aditya says that I can give proof of what I am saying and you will believe me. Naira sees Kirti who is crying, the episode ends like this.

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 15 September 2020 Written update

Precap: In tomorrow’s episode you will see that Naira wakes up and sees that Karthik is not with her in the room, Naira starts wondering where he must have gone so early in the morning. Similarly I start looking for quite a lot in the house. On her way, she slips down the stairs, and falls down the stairs.