Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 15 October 2020 Written Updates Kairav come back

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Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 15 October 2020 Written Updates : Kairav come back

Today A Episode What This Relationship Is Called I Will Show You That Naksh brings the dynasty home From the airport, Samir is very happy to see the dynasty, when Karthik Naira asks about all the family cowards, the map tells Karthik and Naira that Karo is the airport. He was saying that unless his mother comes from the father to pick him up from the airport, he will not leave from there, Karthik starts giving it to Naqsh after hearing that you could have also called me that Cairo is doing that. How can I leave a child there alone, so I too start talking to my brother,


but Naqsh says that many colors were not ready to listen to me, when I said talk on the phone, he would say I thought I would not hear anything, call Mommy and Papa here and take me, only then you see that Karthik and Naira start leaving for the airport to pick up Naira, then Pandit says that it would be auspicious to go from your house. That we will definitely go to take our child and he leaves the house apologizing to God and when he comes out of the house you give Let us stand there with your balance and make a voice to his parents, Kartik and Naira are very happy to see Ram and embrace the runaway run, keep their mother and father come home and surprise By then all the family members also come out of the house and they are very happy to see Kairava.


Kaira is also happy to see everyone and he starts meeting everyone and he is very happy to see his sister and He brings a bungalow for her and sets his sister on it, thus seeing that all the housemates are very happy when Krishna comes there and she is holding something in the hand and she comes to the runaway doll So when Karkar sees her, he starts asking Krishna who she is and when she is sitting near the doll and I ask my mother if this is our new med, he shocks Krishna. Karthik starts convincing him that you should not talk like this with him, so Kaira says that his hands are dirty so I am trying to explain it. Naira says that this You are older than you and you should not talk like this. Looking at this, after some time, Kairav ​​and he bring some gifts for this doll and they start giving it to them and say that we saw this where we live. And this will not make the doll look like this. After a while, all the family members go inside and everyone starts getting ready for the ceremony.

Karthik and Naira go inside with the doll, and then Iram also happens to the Cairo doll. While sitting on a raised bed, Karthik tells Naira that you are trying to find out why I stopped Krishna’s adoption there, Karthik says that you remember when we are down about Krishna We were talking before, when the father left the place without listening to us, then I went after the father and started talking to him, then the father says that you will understand us about what you have said today, but the coward How would you understand that if you suddenly tell him that he is your elder sister, how will he react? He will say that he is replaced by his two sisters. Kati says that he is a child, then his father says that he is a child, so I am saying that children think from the heart, not with your mind, you will understand us and we will accept it by thinking with the mind, but Kaira will never say this Will you believe that your little girl has just told you about what has happened from time to time, but when he tells about Krishna completely, how will he react then Karthik gets into thinking and he starts telling this to me. Naira says why didn’t you tell me this before, we would try to convince Papa that we will do all this later, now we should focus on naming the girl and give time to cars, so Nehra She says that if the right time is not too late while waiting for the right time, then it says a lot that you will not worry, we will fix everything, then he sits there and he says that Mamma Baby has set the Naira. Karthik is also trying to change his diaper when he picks up the baby and starts changing his diaper, but if he cannot, then Naira asks Karthik She starts saying that I have told you 50 times how to do this but you still do not understand it and she takes the doll from Karthik at 2:30 and the house does not start on itself, the house also tells you Experience is of the time of God, but then you must also have had some difficulty and he says that I am still learning what is bad in learning, so I say that I did not mean to forgive me, forgive me golden That I have to be ready yet and I am very stressed how much work you have to do, even though I should not have done such a thing with you, then she starts apologizing again and says that there is nothing and Naira How is it that you guys are more than you, you are cheated like this, coffin or not, this time you make me, from now on I will make it, only then Kirti comes there and she tells Karthik that you put the baby to sleep and I have come to prepare Naira and it is time for Muhurta and she shocks Karthik and pulls him out but Kartik again comes to Naira and Hai tells him that now you get ready soon and in front of everyone I will not get a chance to say that you look very beautiful so I am saying right now this is how today’s episode ends.


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