Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 April 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Suwarna taking hostile stares from Kartik. Kartik requests that Suwarna quit being Suhasini. Suwarna says he is solid. Kartik praises Suwarna as well. Suwarna inquires as to whether anybody talks like that to a mother. Kartik says he just offered praise to her. He adds she ought to have tuned in to Kairav’s discussion with Naira.

Kartik reviews Naira and Kairav’s second. Suwarna says to Kartik that she gets him. She adds she know, he may be reviewing so far Gangaur celebrations with Naira and requests that Kartik comprehend that for Sirat it is first. Suwarna requests that Kartik cause Sirat to feel got. She requests that Kartik plan an astonishment for Sirat. Kartik chooses to design a shock for Sirat for their family.


Ahead, Sirat battles to make symbol for Gangaur. Mauri signals Sirat. Akshu snickers seeing Goenka’s making symbol. Suwarna says to Akshu, she will get an opportunity to make once she will grow up. Kartik comes and sees Sirat battling to make a symbol. He helps Sirat. Sirat reviews her minutes with Ranveer. Subsequently, Riya comes and says she also can pick a quick to get a decent spouse. Gayu gets irritated with Riya and says she wishes last take off from the house soon!


There, Ranveer makes an icon and reviews his minutes with Sirat. Man comes to Ranveer. Ranveer says he can’t work today. Man demands Ranveer to complete two conveyances. Ranveer denies.

Opposite side, Kartik gains from Luv about Ranveer’s organization who makes best sportsgear. He advises to Kartik that they likewise give a piece of their offer to help young ladies. Kartik gets intrigued. He requests that Luv reveal to him the quantity of the vendor. Kartik sets a call and expectations the man to send a couple of shoe and boxing gloves to him. Man advises to Kartik that he is distributer. Ranveer gets astonished hearing Kartik’s interest. He attempts to converse with Kartik however last hangs up the call.


Then, Kairav requests Sirat and Kartik to move. Sirat and Kartik dance for the wellbeing of Kairav. Here, Ranveer sings ‘Bekhayali’ tune and miss Sirat. He communicates his adoration for Sirat. Read more…….


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