Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:- In the episode Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai you will be shown that Karti says that she knows that Naira will get annoyed after hearing about the medicine, similarly Naira is happily dancing inside the room, Karthik arrives there, Naira sees him confused, Naira starts dancing with him.

Karthik starts asking Naira why are you so happy suddenly your eyes were not opening and you suddenly started dancing, Naira says that now my eyes are open, Karthik asks him what has happened to Naira Karthik. Giving that how can they call the speed breaker by name, Karthik tells his name, Naira tries to convince him everything, but Karthik cannot understand anything, Karthik asks him directly what has happened. .

Similarly, Suhasini and Suhana are packing food. Suhana says that I was thinking of sending all this to Chhori, but she has left with her parents, Grandma says that she has always helped people, that’s why you cannot. Akhilesh tells him to pack quickly.

Suhana has asked him what will happen there. Akhilesh tells him that I had a video call from Manish, similarly Dadi also says that Munni is very happy on Suman but her health is not doing well. Akhilesh says that he will recover soon. There is no need for you to do anything. Grandma says that we are living with that rich man that our life will be happy again.

On the other side you will see that this Naira gives a balloon to Karthik, on which a picture of a child is made, Naira says to Karthik that I had a dream, in which I looked at a small child. Pleased with the car and says that I am going to be a father again and a coward is his elder brother.

The balloon falls from Karthik and he goes down again and Karthik also goes after him. Gayu starts searching for the balloon and understands this. Karthik starts thinking that Naira will be heartbroken and told her that it is not a symptom of a pregnant. Similarly, what does Gayu do to all the Goenka family and tries to convince them that Naira is pregnant. The family of Sati Koi becomes happy, Grandma starts thanking God. Karthika comes to mother and happily sees breakfast. He tries to tell them something but Akhil tells him not to want anything and also tells him to dance.

Grandma wishes that she was crying earlier due to coming home, but she got good news. While blessing sister Aya, she said that Vedanta should continue to advance on Wednesday, on hearing this Gayu becomes 10:00, Naira embraces her.

Similarly, Dadi asks Akhil to bring the money and so that she can provide some help to the poor people and to pray before God. All the families are very happy. Nobody gives an opportunity to speak of the work, Naira goes to Karthik and Dadi is praying there in front of God and thanks him and says that I should get well soon.

On the other hand, Kirti is talking with Aditya. Okay I told her to keep a secret that she has been coming since she wants to surprise her father. Naqsh sees them and starts thinking that she will be talking on the call with Divya.

Likewise, maintain that she is not pregnant and that all the symptoms are due to some deficiency which the doctor has told according to the report, similarly the history of Naira that I am sure that she is pregnant or not she can feel it. Hai, Karthik says that he also wants to have such expenses but it is not that Naira says that she is pregnant.

Similarly, Karthik gets excited to go to Naira’s pregnant state. They say stop the drama and tell me the truth. Similarly Naira Baby Bump comes with you. She shows the results of pregnancy to Karthik. Karthik sits down like this and hits his head with it, he puts his hands in each other’s hands and starts laughing. Karthik picks up Naira and lays her on the bed, saying that this is true. Naira says that he is going to be a father again and I am a mother. They both begin to say that the coward will be his elder brother. Karthik does that I want a daughter but Naira says that I am going to give birth to a child. Similarly, Karthik and Naira talk among themselves.

Naira says that what will happen is that there will be a boy. Karthik is sure that the girl, she is very excited.

On the other hand, you will see that Kirti sees Naksh cutting something in anger and starts asking her what will happen if she stops. He is blamed for not saying anything and says what his wife was doing to him in the past, Kirti starts crying after hearing this.

Similarly, a huge twist has come in this serial, you know that Naira is pregnant and the distance has increased in Naqsh and Keerthi.