Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 14 October 2020 Written Updates

Yrkkh Written Updates

Today’s episode starts with Naira. Naira makes a painting on the holiday. She says that the naming of the child is going to happen today, that’s why it is very important for us. Karthik is also very happy about this matter. And he informs Naira that Dynasty and Kairav ​​are coming back home. Naira tells Karthik that she will go to the airport to pick up the cowards. Karthik tells Naira why he cannot name the child. Naira tells Karthik that only the child will be named Kirti.

Next you will see that his family gives a chit to Kirti, tell him not to write on it. What further brings fame is that she is the maternal aunt of the child, so she will name him. Similarly, Naira uses Kalia to get a picture of the child. It is on this way that you find your diary in old photos and start remembering your first child. Karthik brings the child and tells Naira that he is crying a lot. Naira tells Karthik that the dress I am wearing will be uncomfortable. Similarly, Karthik asks Naira to change it. Naira tells Karthik or Suhasini has given a gift. Karthik starts saying that he will talk to her. Suhasini also comes there and Karthik tells her that there is a problem in the gift you have given to the child, that is why you man says that you can change it.

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Next you will see that the function returns to function. Naira’s child starts crying and everyone tries to silence her. Today you will see that Karthik tells everyone that he is going to take descent and cowardice along with Baby and Naira. Suhasini refuses this and says that Kaira cannot go anywhere except clay before worship. Karti says that he cannot break the heart of the coward. She does not let Karthik and Naira go anywhere. Similarly, the map gets ready to go to the airport. Krishna also says that I will also walk with the goal.

Krishna tells Naqsh that you wait 2 minutes, I come now. Naqsh stops Kirti and says that she should tell about herself to all the family members. She says that I will inform everyone soon. Naira gives Naqsh a farm prepared by him for Kairava. She asks Naqsh to feed it to the cowards.

Kayra then checks the baby’s gift at home. I ask whether Krishna has a gift or not. Akhilesh says that Krishna’s gift will also be the same. Naira and Karthik sit down together for worship. Baby starts crying again. Karthik says that Dua is disturbing the eyes of the child and that is why he is crying. Suhasini tells Karthik that it tells Pooja not to leave. Today you will see that Kirti tells Karthik to sit for the puja and she will take care of the child. The priest asks Kaira to go as worship.


Next you will see that Kartik and Naira wait for the sum. A similar thing happens to Kartik that everyone was bribing him to name his union child. She asks to share the idea of ​​making suggestions for the child’s name out of displeasure. This is how thinking ends.

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