Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 13 October 2020 Written Updates

Yrkkh Written Updates

In today’s episode, what is this relationship called? You will be shown that when Manish and Dadi get angry on Krishna, Krishna gets nervous and she starts telling Karthik and Naira why Manish Uncle ji got angry with me. So I will not remove you, I want to be with you guys, then the slogan says that nothing will happen, do not think like this. Now let’s see that as soon as Karthik and Naira go into their room,

Whenever talking to Grandma Swarna and her younger daughter-in-law As she is doing, she tells them that I will now tell both Naira and Karthik that I can no longer live in this house Krishna tries to convince Swarna Dadi but she did not understand and she says that since The girl has come to this house since then there is some problem in this house and how can you forget that your husband’s accident was also due to this girl, then sir does not say what is the fault of that poor thing in this So she says that she is poor to see you guys, she is a very clever girl, she is a wretched girl, Krishna listens to all this and She has started crying a lot when you see that after some time Krishna comes to God and she tells him why you did not listen to me Didi and cricket are both very good. I do not want to give any trouble to those people.

Leaving the house and coming to you, you see that Krishna would think about leaving the house by making some pictures there and on the other side see that Naira and Karthik are also thinking about Krishna, then Karthik asks Naira that If you take the medicine, she says that no, now you see that Karthik is coming down to get water for Naira, only then he sees that there are pictures on the floor, seeing that he understands that Krishna left home So now let’s see Krishna is out and she is opening the door of the main gate, then you see Naira come to her looking for Karthik and they tell her what is it,


Then Karthik arrives, Krishna left the house. If you are very nervous to hear this, you see that Karthik and Naira come out of the house, then Krishna is opening the door. Doti was ready to leave that house and they tell her what was you doing all this, then she says that you guys are getting very upset because of me, so I am leaving the house, so Karthik says Who told you that all your family members are worried that you will never be there from now on and if you were doing all this, then the slogan also scolded Krishna and she says that you promise me from now that you will take such a step Will never pick up again and says that Karthik and Naira bring Krishna in.

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 14 October 2020 Written Updates

Seeing that both Karthik and Naira live a decision that they will give Krishna that doctor, we are the workers that if we talk to the housemates tomorrow, you See, when it is morning, Karthik brings Krishna to Naira’s room, when he is sleeping there Naira and his baby girl, then Naira and Krishna sit there and Krishna starts crying as soon as he sits there, then Naira’s sleep opens. She goes and starts asking Krishna, why are you crying, Krishna says that there is nothing, let’s come to the other side and see that Manish and I are telling everyone that When will the child come, I want to play with her, then Grandma and his wife say that you should not take much stress, you should rest, the doctor has asked you to rest, then further says that I am not with that girl If I want to say, now let’s see after a while Naira comes down with Karthik Krishna, then Karthik tells the family that I want to talk to you guys, in fact.


I want your blessings and what I am going to talk about. If you want your consent too, you see that Karthik and Naira tell the family members that we want to make Krishna a part of this house and keep him like all the children in the house so that he can play freely and can study On hearing this, the grandmother starts getting angry, then you see that Karthik’s father leaves from there without listening to him, then you see that Karthik also comes after him after his father and he says that Papa If you left from there without listening to me, Manish says that you have left to listen. It should be known that such big decisions are taken with the consent of the elders of the house, that the decision is not to come and hear it, it goes to work, thus today’s episode ends here.

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