Yeh Rishta kya kehlata Hai 13 February 2021 Written Update

Yrkkh Written Updates

The present scene begins with Gayu says to Kartik that how wouldn’t she be able to neglect to perceive her sister. She says to Kartik that young lady has a similar face and voice. Kartik tell about Sirat. She says Sirat is only Naira’s face the same. Suhasini inquires as to whether the young lady appears to be similar Naira. Kartik says she isn’t Naira as she has her own family. He asks Goenka’s not to discuss Sirat again else it will be hard for him to deal with Kairav. Gayu says to Kartik that young lady was Naira as it were. Here, Kairav catch Kartik and Gayu’s discussion. He think Naira was here and goes to meet Sirat. Kairav says Gayu too perceived Naira and now he should meet him. Kairav quietly leaves the house and run behind Sirat. There, Surekha says if the young lady is Naira face the same than she is here for the cash. Kartik says Sirat isn’t awful. Further, Vansh gets some information about Kairav. Kartik inquires as to whether Kartik isn’t with him. Vansh says he went washroom and when he returned Kairav was not there. Kartik interprets Kairav may have found out about Sirat and would have races to meet her. He requests that Keerti handle Akshu and runs behind Kartik.

Out and about, Kairav runs behind Sirat and requests that she stop. Sirat see Kairav and requests that Rohan stop the bicycle. She see transport pursuing Kairav. Sirat save Kairav. Kartik gets shocked seeing Kairav and Sirat together. Kairav says to Sirat that he realizes she is Naira. He tell Kartik and everybody adores her a great deal. Kairav advise to Sirat that he likewise inform numerous discussions regarding Akshu. Kartik demands Kairav to return home.


He requests that Kairav leave Sirat. Kairav will not leave Sirat. Kartik requests that Rohan handle Kairav for some time. He further, requests that Sirat avoid Kairav. Sirat advise to Kartik she was here to apologize Kairav for being inconsiderate. Sirat reveal to Kartik she saw Naira’s image. She adds she can comprehend Kairav’s agony since she too lost her dad when she was youthful. Kartik acknowledges Sirat’s statement of regret and asks her not to come before Kairav once more. Sirat leave the spot. Kairav weeps for Sirat.



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