In Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai you will be shown that Karthik and Naira ask Joe’s Chori to go with him because he is so good. Similarly, Karthik tells Chori that I will always be present for you whenever you need. You see the teenager tear down the drawing of the family that he made. Desai and Sudha ask Chori to call them because they are getting too late. Mr. Desai says that he has set up a party for Chori, he will have to leave Chhori’s house soon.

Naira and Karthik bring Chori there. Goenka gives Chori a gift before that. Karthik apologizes to Chori for his bad behavior. You say to a similar girl that you are not going alone, but you are also taking our heart with you. Similarly, you will see that Sudha comes forward to take Chori, Sauri gets scared seeing this, Naira and Karthik hand over Chori to Desari. Karthik and Naira hug Chori, Chhori is also very much Naira starts crying with her, Suvarna and Karthik encourage them.

Similarly, you will see in the same way that Akhilesh tells the same family that he was allowed to meet Mini. Suvarna tells Karthik and Naira to meet Miley, thus Naira wakes up after that night and starts feeling happy. In the same way, she gets very nervous and she is trying to show Karthik but Karthik goes to sleep saying ‘I love you’ to Naira.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12 September 2020 Written Updates

In the morning you will see that Naira and Karthik get up and Naira brings tea for Karthik. Similarly you will see that Naira gets Chhori’s call. Kartik and Naira talk with Chhori. Similarly, Naira tells Chhori about her dream that I had a dream on the night.

Similarly, you will see further that Karthik Ravinder learned from the doctor about Naira’s condition. Similarly you will see that Karthik tells the doctor that Naira is thinking very lazily, similarly Karthik starts thinking that all this is happening due to Shayari Chhori, but the doctor tells that your wife is pregnant. The episode ends when they are shocked to hear about such a small child. Something similar will be shown to you in Monday’s episode today.

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 12 September 2020 Written update

In the Monday episode, you will see that Naira is pregnant and Karthik is shocked to hear this.