Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 12 October 2020 Written Update

Yrkkh Written Updates

Today’s episode starts with Karthik and Naira that children do like this. Karthik says that when Naira is with Baby, only then Baby cries more. Iraq tells Aarti that I am not like this and tells her that children cry to express themselves. Naira becomes careful to handle the child. Karthik gets nervous. Naira Karthik is a sub-caste that when the child is not crying, he cries.

Secondly and you will see that Naqsh sees the high-profile message in Kirti’s mobile and he gets very upset by seeing it. Kirti tries a lot to convince him but Aditya is trying to contact him from different numbers and bothers him a lot. When Naqsh sees her message on Kirti’s mobile, he refuses to believe her. Naqsh treats him normally. Similarly, Naqsh goes out with Krishna.

Secondly and you will see that Karthik tells Naira that we should take the child to the doctor. It says that you do not bring the child quickly. In the same way, if the outpost comes, the reformer tells Naira that the child gives me. The child starts crying but stops doing it later. Similarly, Suhasini asks Na Na Aayega, what did you eat today, Naira. She tells him that I have eaten chickpeas and rice. Suvarna tells Naira to take care of the food as she has to feed the child, he stops her to eat heavy food. Karthik says to everyone that now I will take full care of Naira’s diet. Today you will see that Suvarna and Suhasini make a special pillow. Recalls previous things and says that when Luv Kush was younger than he gave this pillow.


Night and night you will see that Naira and Karthik eat sweets which are given by Karthik to Naira. Naira refuses to eat sweets. After this, Naira and Karthik spend time with each other. I dance to a song. On the other side you will see that Krishna decides to meet Krishna but Suvarna stops meeting Manish.

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In the morning you will see that Krishna meets Manish. Similarly, Manish refuses to recognize Krishna. Kayra and Indra begin to feel that Manish loves the daughters very much. Manish remembers that Krishna came under his car that day and that is how the accident happened. You will see that Manish kicks Krishna out of the house. The family is shocked to hear this news. Manish asks Krishna to leave that house. His health deteriorates, with the Goenka family taking care of Manish.


After this you will see that Naira explains to Karthik that he did not get time to tell Krishna’s truth to everyone. Krishna tells Karthik that you are not angry with Naira. She tells him that her purse had fallen down that is why she ran behind that car and tells Karthik Krishna that she has no need to cry because you are not wrong. He embraces Krishna. Krishna tells Kaira that she does not want to leave them, so she gets worried because Manish decides to throw her out. This is how the episode ends.

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