Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 10 September 2020 Written update

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata In today’s episode, you will be shown that Naira who looks at her daughter’s ultrasound report and remembers Karthik encourages Naira in the same way Ray starts talking about Chori and they say that If she did not save the file, I would have given it to my daughter’s sign. Karthik tells Naira not to bother for Chori, he will leave her soon. Naira gets upset hearing this

When Chori is given the medicine, she throws the medicine. Speech Kirti is dreaming of telling the truth to Aditya and Naqsh. In the same way, yearning arises. Apart from this, you will see that Kayra and each other spend time with each other and rain starts dancing to the song, you will see Chhori remembers her childhood and starts crying.

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Similarly you will see in the morning Karthik takes a gift for Shabari. Goenka is in charge. Talking about Baleshwari, Suvarna stops Karthik to send Chori there, similarly Naira goes to check Chori in the room. Hai, Naira learns that Sauri has a very high fever. Karthik and Naira worry about stealing. Similarly Naira leaves to go to the orphanage, not taking medicines from Chhori.

In the same way you will see that the map sees the picture of Krish in which what happens is he also supports Aditya and farming together. Indra remembers his moments with Karthik and Chhori. Later you will see that Karthik has stolen them with him. Decide to stop

Karthik starts telling Goenka that God has sent him to Chhori so we should not leave Chhori. Naira and all the people become very happy. Suhasini comes back home and listens to Karthik and Naira. They come to know that Karthik has decided to keep Chhori with him. Suhasini does not react. In the same way you will see that new songs talk, Rajas talks, so Suhasini is not in favor of keeping the angel with her. will be shown.

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 10 September 2020 Written update

Precap: In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that people from the orphanage will come to take Chori back with them.