Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 1 october 2020 Written Updates

Today’s episode, what is this relationship called, I will show you that all the people are waiting for Naira and Karthik to come, then we see that Chachi’s house of that Naira reaches home and he comes home without Naira and Karthik. So everyone gets upset after seeing him and I start asking where is Karthik and Naira. You say that suddenly Naira started at 3:00 pm, so I have gone straight to the hospital so you see that everybody goes to the hospital. Looks like you see that Naira and Karthik are in the hospital and Naira Karthik says that if I want to eat ice cream, then you see that people start going to get ice cream and they come home and see Karthik.

Ishq Mein Marjawn Season 2 01 October 2020 Written Update

When they become very happy, you see that he then goes to get ice cream after meeting those people. They all go to Naira and Nehru becomes very happy to see and grandmother is angry that you It is fine now, I live that I am fine, so you see that it is about you that he has gone to get ice cream, then we Let’s see that after some time, it starts again and Grandma asks to call the doctor. After half an hour, she comes to the hospital, then she brings ice cream, let’s see if grandmother is eyeing a child, then we see If she gives the grandmother to the nurse, then Karthik is coming forward and he picks up that girl and starts giving her how cute this girl is but she is not her baby when everyone listens to her He starts laughing a lot and when the account comes to know that it is not my daughter, he also starts laughing that this is what I was saying. Let’s see what tomorrow the doctor said. So the slogan says that the doctor did not say anything that it will be a little too much pen sometimes, so you do not need to come to the hospital again and again, Karthik Naira starts torturing that if we take the room in the hospital itself, then you are financially mad. If we say that we will stay here, then if I say I will not stay in the hospital at all, then a lot says that we will stay here only Islam gives That I was angry that I go to my maternal house if you are not taking me home, then you hear it, then people go home and come with them, then they come to know that grandmother is angry with Krishna but Why does Naira and Karthik not know this thing? Grandma also tells Naira and Karthik that I know that you guys have a lot of love for this but Krishna cannot live here even if you send it to your parents, but will not stay here So Kartik starts explaining to his grandmother that no one will come to Krishna’s world, so earlier we made the mistake that we have sent him to us, but now we will not make this mistake, if Krishna remains this, then we believe All of Ambe’s people come home and Nara goes to her room when Naira asks Karthik to rest and tells Karthik to Naira to Ram. Both of us are telling each other that this is the episode. Comes to an end