Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 March 2021 Written update

The Episode begins with Sirat contending with Manish. She says you don’t outrage me. Kartik requests that she quiet down, give him some time. He requests that Manish advise him. Manish says you will consistently uphold them, they aren’t penniless, not voracious, who gave her promoter Kapoor’s number, she went for her property matter. She says I went to Ashish, I don’t have a clue who is Kapoor. Manish and Sirat yell and contend. She asks how might I battle my property case by turning out to be Naira. She shows the papers. She says my name Sirat is written in these papers, I can take the property by turning out to be Naira, however I must be Sirat for my Maudi, right.

Kartik says I think she is saying reality, possibly Kapoor thought she is Naira, she would have not advised him. Manish contends and says she went there to exploit


of her face, she lost her home, so she came digging in for the long haul. Sirat says on the off chance that you disapprove of my visit here, make me out of here, I m shrewd, brilliant and exploiting right, at that point exclude me from the game, advise your child to make me out, you are exploiting my face and called me here for Kairav, Maudi and I would have remained anyplace yet I needed to restore Kartik’s courtesy, on the off chance that you would prefer not to make me out, trust me, Kartik questioned me and today you are questioning me, in the event that I lose my brain, it will not be fine, you have a ton to lose, yet I have quite recently my trustworthiness and regard, in the event that anybody attempts to point at my regard… Kartik says don’t blow up, go in. She says request that your father go. He says I will converse with him, you go. She says fine, I will proceed to stay faithful to my commitment. She goes. Dadi says she is so getting rowdy, she contended to such an extent. Kartik protects Sirat.Sirat stops and hears Kartik’s words. Kartik inquires as to for what reason did you call her a gold digger by your misconception, she helped out on us by coming here, she didn’t ask me any cash, I gave cash for her Nani’s activity, she disclosed to me that she will bring it back. Sirat goes crying and searches the importance of gold digger on net. She says gold digger implies a lady who plunders cash from the men, do they think I m such. Kartik says I figure you ought to apologize to her, you offended her. Manish blows up and goes. Rhea goes to Sirat. Sirat asks would you fail to remember whether this occurred with you. Rhea says anybody would feel that you are attempting to have Naira’s spot. Sirat says I m Sirat, I would prefer not to have anybody’s spot, stay away, else I will vent my outrage on you. She cautions her and goes. Rhea says how could she, I will see her.


Dadi and Suwarna quiet down Manish. Manish says that young lady is a gold digger, she is eager, you and Kartik consistently contend with me. Suwarna says Sirat is at misfortune for having Naira’s face. He says she has just taken the cash, we will burn through 7 crores for Kairav, he shouldn’t be at misfortune, Kartik and Kairav love Naira a ton, I will not allow Sirat to exploit, I guarantee. Rhea looks on and grins. Sirat reaches the stopping point out of resentment. Kartik comes. Sirat says she got a lot of injured in this house, helpless young lady, her agony will not get less regardless of whether I say sorry. He gets down on her. He remains before the divider. She stops. He says sorry. She hits on the divider. He says control your indignation, you will hurt yourself, we are grieved. He stops her.He eliminates her boxing gloves. He says we are grieved.

Yeh rishta kya… .plays… . He requests that she have water. He causes her to sit first. She says you think I came here for the cash, he accused me, for what reason did he say that, I would prefer not to remain here, let me go, in the event that you outrage me, I will leave. He says leave this game, its not for you. She says don’t dare, sarpanch is terrified of my punch. He asks will you accept anybody in the event that they consider you an artist, not fighter.


She says no. He asks don’t you realize you are not a gold digger, it doesn’t make any difference what anybody tells, sorry, center around what I said. He goes. Rhea sees them. She goes to Kartik. She says how might I make Kartik near me, I need to accomplish something.

She attempts to talk. Kartik places buds in his ears and closes eyes. He doesn’t hear her. She goes. Surekha requests that she sit with Kartik. Rhea says he is in reflection mode. Surekha says change his mode, talk about Naira’s plans and invest energy with him, the plans are in room’s storage. Rhea smiles. Read More….


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