Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 8 September 2020 Written Updates

Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai 8 September 2020 Written Updates: – In the episode Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata hai you will be shown that Karthik who hugs Naira, Naira gets upset, then Kartik tells Naira that I apologize to him. Came here for but he always misquoted this to apologize. Karthik tells Naira not to forgive him, I stop him from doing so. Naira stops Karthik from doing so and starts crying, Karthik and Naira spend time with each other and Karthik tells Naira that he wants to celebrate her birthday. Karthik sees the ring in Naira’s hand and starts kissing him.

Similarly, Chori is happy after seeing Kaira patched up later. Aarti also apologizes to Singaria. Naqsh says that Naira has a big heart, she can refuse him but Naira will not do this. You always hurt your sister, Karthik agreed to this. Naira asks Naqsh to forgive Karthik, which is why Karthik asks Chhori if he can be his friend Chhori says she will think. Chhori tells Karthik and Naira to leave to talk about this and asks them to give Manish a card which he has prepared. Similarly Karthik tells Chhori to come to his house.

Suvarna is happy to see Naira and Naira and Karthik together, Chhori also arrives at her house with Karthik.In the same way Surekha starts asking Karthik if he has ordered Chhori in the house, Karthik yes. I answer After this, Karthik decides to meet Manish. Surekha tells them that Manisha is also not at home. She says that Akhilesh and Kirti have taken Manish to the care center near the ashram. Karthik gets angry after hearing this. Similarly the singer calls Kirti and accuses him of taking Manish away, giving Kirti Karthik Calms down.

You will see that at night, Karthik talks to Manish on a video call. In this way, Manish tells Karthik on the video call that he is missing him a lot and gets sad. Karthik tells him that he will come to meet him soon.

You will see that Naqsh takes care of Kirti, Kirti starts asking the city why she thought it right to send the patient to the care center.

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In the morning you will see that all the family wished that everything would be alright, in the meantime, Chhori praises the morning. All the family members praise one girl. He tells Chori that I am asking God to see my parents. Naira later remembers that a family wants to adopt Chhori. That is why Naira gets depressed. This episode ends here. The episode will be shown to you in tonight’s episode.

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Precap: In tomorrow’s upcoming episode, you will be shown that Ghori comes to the house and Chori becomes a friend.