In today’s episode, this relationship is called Kya, you will be shown that when Naira Karthik starts sleeping, both of them do not sleep, then they disappear again when Naira tells Karthik that if you tell me a song, we see that Karthik and Naira starts singing both songs. After some time you see that Karthik goes to sleep nailing Naira on his own. After a while you see that the pen starts again in Naira’s stomach and she gives Karti a new place and gives him When she goes down without going anywhere, when she comes down, she is sitting there in Krishna and you see that Krishna and Naira fall asleep on the couch in the same hall.

Naira is sitting on the couch and Krishna falls asleep in her dock when it is morning you are surprised to see the grandmother and people say that how is Naira here, you see that Naira’s stomach starts to ache again Hai and grandma asks her what is happening to you, so she says that I am in pain, then you give her mother’s where I call Karthik but Naya says that Karthik is still asleep so she There is no need to wake up, then Grandma says let’s go to the doctor, but Naira says that otherwise, after Grandma’s force, Naira goes to the doctor with them and on the go she tells the cows that Do not tell anything to Karthik until I say no and he also knows, then to tell him it was a normal pain, so I went to the hospital and there is no need to do much water and he goes to the hospital when I go to the hospital If we get angry, the doctor gets a checkup and then my doctor asks if everything is okay, then the doctor says that we are all fine, then Naina says that deliver Rei is still in time, says, “No delivery, I don’t have time anymore” Naira shouts out askew and on the other hand, Karthik too wakes up and he gets nervous by not seeing Mera in the room and says where is Naira is

Krishna comes from there and tells sister Karki that Naira has gone to the hospital. Your baby is going to come. Karthik is happy to hear this but says how can my baby come without me and she hurries when in the room When he starts coming out, he falls only then does Krishna put water in her eyes and she says that now you are sleepy, now you go to Naira giving Ram, comes running down, and the cows and all see him and see him They say that if you put the slippers, you quickly put on the slippers and run away with the bag of clothes of a child as he wakes up, now let’s see that after going some distance, the petrol of his car runs out. They blow that he starts asking for a lift only after leaving the car there and does not give a lift. After some time you see that one makes milk there and Karthik gives him money and he takes a bicycle from them, then you see that Karthik On the bicycle, he starts going to the hospital. On the other side you see that Naira tells the doctor that I have not yet done the delivery until Karti If A does not come, then she says with fear that we do not wish to do this, you have to go for delivery, then the householder says that where is the Rakhi doctor, you have given that its doctor has gone out for 3 days, then the family members hear this get nervous

Sir, you see that after this problem, another new problem comes to the room, they take it to the common room and grandma says that we had booked the special room but the nurse says that the special room is not empty. Let’s see on the other hand that when Karthik is coming to the hospital on a bicycle, the map from behind and the mother-in-law and his elder mother are with him, then we see that when Naqsh sees the milkman who is Karthik then he It says how is this milk, the middle is cycling the road like no one else knows, after Abe comes forward, the map Karthik is happy to see Karthik and he is going to go to the hospital, so we DJ Karthik is going to the hospital, he sits in front of the car and then asks Nachu, “What are you doing for the sake of this? You sit in the car and see that Karthik comes and sits in the car, so today’s episode ends here .

In tomorrow’s episode, you will be shown that when Karthik reaches the hospital, Karthik goes to Naira.After some time, Anarsa comes with another doctor who sees the doctor from her stay, then she remembers it. That was the last time he treated me, only then you see that I the doctor says that I will not have delivery of this and Karthik gets even more that he had treated Naira earlier and when the doctor treated Naira Naira kicked them off, so this will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode