Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai 31 January 2021 Written update

Yrkkh Written Updates

There, Sirat cries. Kairav come and asks Sirat not to leave him. Sirat hollers at Kairav and says to him she isn’t her mom. She says his mom may have passed on or would have left him like her mom however she isn’t his mom.

Sirat cries and says to Kairav that on account of him her fantasy and vocation is wrecked. She asks Kairav for what reason he did that. Sirat and Kairav cries. Kartik come and finds nobody. Kairav swoons. Here, Sirat’s companion reassure Sirat.


Sirat’s companion gets some information about Kairav. Here, Kartik learn Kairav demolished some young lady game tending to her as his mom. Kartik gets some information about the young lady. There, Sirat cries before her companion over her misfortune.


Her companion empowers Sirat. Kartik chooses to reclaim Kairav. Karitk and Sirat yet neglects to see one another. Karitk at last see Sirat and calls her Naira. Read More….


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