Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai 30 January 2021 Written update

The present scene begins with Sirat’s companion requesting that Sirat retaliate. Sirat gets propelled and stands to retaliate. Mukesh requests that Lalita take out Sirat. Sirat and Kavita battle. Sirat’s companion stresses and think Lalita is over driving Sirat. There, Kartik hurry to meet Kairav. Kairav searches for Naira at fight rivalry. Here, Sirat punches Lalita.

Mukesh consider chances Sirat dominating the match is high at this point. He requests that Lalita punch Sirat hard. Sirat was one punch left to win. Kairav see Sirat and enters the boxing ring. Kairav considers Sirat Mumma and keep her from down. Sirat requests that Kairav leave him. She inquires as to whether he is visually impaired and can’t see her match is going on. Mentor inquires as to whether she lied about her conjugal status. Sirat says to all that Kairav is telling lie as she isn’t her mom nor she know him. Kairav asks Sirat for what reason she is lying. He tell he called Kartik as well and he will come soon. Mukesh considers something and uncovers that the kid has a place with Sirat. He asks Kairav didn’t Sirat acknowledged him her child a day ago. Kairav gestures yes. Mentor requests that Sirat come out from boxing ring. He excluded Sirat for lying about her conjugal status.


Sirat argues to mentor to let her total the game as she is close to dominate the match. She says Kairav isn’t her youngster. Kairav asks Sirat for what good reason she is telling falsehood. Sirat’s companion advise to mentor that Sirat isn’t lying as she is single and kid don’t have a place with Sirat. Sirat argues in front to mentor to let her total the game as she has don’t difficult work for it. Mukesh criticizes Sirat. Sirat asks all not to hear Mukesh as he is her progression father and don’t care for her. Mentor precludes Sirat. Sirat cries and flees. Mueksh grins as Lalita become the victor. Kartik searches for Kairav.


There, Sirat cries. Kairav come and asks Sirat not to leave him. Sirat hollers at Kairav and says to him she isn’t her mom. She says his mom may have passed on or would have left him like her mom however she isn’t his mom.

Sirat cries and says to Kairav that on account of him her fantasy and vocation is wrecked. She asks Kairav for what reason he did that. Sirat and Kairav cries. Kartik come and finds nobody. Kairav swoons. Here, Sirat’s companion reassure Sirat.


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