Yeh Rishta kya kehlaata Hai 3 March 2021 Written Update

Sirat asks Rhea for what reason she is talking to such an extent. Suhasini says they should chase the ring in Sirat and Mauri’s stuffs. Sirat won’t. Rhea ask Sirat for what reason she is responding as though she is concealing something.

Sirat asks Rhea for what valid reason she is talking to such an extent as she also isn’t a relative subsequently her stuffs ought to be looked as well. Rhea can’t. Mainsh come and advises Goenka’s that he heard Sirat and Mauri taking about masterminding the cash. In the warmth of second, Sirat slaps Manish when Rhea stunt her.


Kartik, Akshilesh and Surekha requests that Sirat take off from the house. Mauri says to Kartik that he knows well Sirat isn’t miscreant. Sirat asks Mauri not to argue before Goenka’s.Sirat charge Kartik for sending police to capture her. Read More…..


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