The Episode begins with Sirat saying its a major day for me tomorrow. Maai says your destiny will transform, it will happen which you didn’t think. Sirat asks will I win nationals in state level. She giggles. Maai says chuckle, destiny has made you cry a great deal, you will be upbeat at this point. Sirat says don’t give me bogus expectation. Maai says its forecast, it will get valid. Sirat says at that point favor me that I win. Maai says Lord will give you something major. Sirat says I need to win in the battle. Maai says destiny is with you now. Sirat says simply my hardwork is with me, go now, I need to rehearse. Maai goes grinning. Sirat says what will I get that my life will change.

Its morning, Sirat is seen boxing. She tumbles down in the ring. She awakens from the rest. She says I have one dream to win the matches on state level and public level. She asks. Kartik is in transit. He says don’t stress, I will bring Kairav home. Manish says so heartbroken, its my mix-up, Akshu is with Rhea, don’t stress. Kartik says you generally grumble that you don’t get time with Akshu. Manish says truly, I will take her presently, deal with Kairav. Rhea says perhaps Akshu is missing Kartik. Manish says I will take her to Kartik’s room and make her rest. Rhea says I will make her rest. He says okat.

Sirat gets down on Maudi. She requests that Nani come quick. She prepares and packs her things. Nani favors that she gets hitched in a decent house. Sirat says I m not going for Swayamvar. Nani says fine, I m gift you, you dominate the match, you don’t get injured, you won’t get a punch. Sirat says my Maudi is the best. She leaves. Nani petitions God for her. Kairav finds out about the state boxing title. He hears the mentor requesting that the children take authorization from the educators and come to see the bout. He says mumma can come there. He asks superintendent would i be able to go. Superintendent says no, your father is coming. Sirat gets a handkerchief and keeps it.

Her companion says bicycle isn’t beginning. Sheela and Mukesh look on and outrage Sirat by insults. Her companion requests that she show outrage and strength in the ring. They leave. Sheela says do whatever she doesn’t get chosen. Mukesh says there is no possibility. Sheela says I will get her hitched and dispose of her. Mukesh says in the event that the house doesn’t get sold, at that point your parlor and my rec center dreams will be simply dreams. Rhea sees her pic with Kartik’s pic. Suwarna says I should take a brief trip and see Akshu once. Rhea gets stunned seeing Akshu arriving at the bed’s edge. She embraces Akshu and places her in the support. She blows up and begins chiding Akshu. She says you are devil, you are my pass to enter Kartik’s heart, when I wed Kartik, at that point I will send you and Kairav away. She turns and gets stunned seeing Suwarna at the entryway.

Rhea says you here, I m seeing Akshu. Suwarna requests that she take rest. She takes care of Akshu. Kairav says sorry Papa, I need to meet mumma once. He stows away from mentor and goes. Kartik comes there. Sirat sees the rivals with great gloves and shoes. Her companion says you need solid determination than great gloves and shoes. She says my battery will get charged when adversary comes in front, my point is simply to win. He says it will be your life’s extraordinary day. She asks did you likewise meet that Banjaran. He asks what do you mean. She says nothing, just come. Kairav comes there. Mentor says you would realize that in the event that you give wrong information, you will be qualified.

Sirat says truly, I have given all data. She goes to prepare. Her companion wants to enjoy all that life has to offer. Kartik asks where is Kairav, where did he go. Superintendent says sorry. Kartik chastens the inn staff. He sees the bout banner and runs. Mentor says your father has gone to the inn, they are searching for you, accompany me. Kairav proceeds to converse with Kartik available to come in to work. Kartik inquires as to for what reason didn’t sit tight for me, I disclosed to you I m coming, fine stay there, I m coming. Kairav gets pitiful. Sirat comes for the match. Mukesh insults her. She responds to him and goes to the ring. Her companion asks her to do what needs to be done, the very best. Mukesh asks his understudy not to stress, Sirat doesn’t have any preparation, don’t allow her to guard. Sirat recalls everything. Kairav says I need to go to the washroom. Mentor releases him. Sirat gets punched out and falls. She cries. She considers winning the state level. Her companion requests that she get up. Sirat gets up to battle.

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