The present scene begins with Manish sitting in his room. Kartik and Naira come. Manish says to Kaira that he needs to take rest. Kartik requests that Manish hear him out once. Naira and Kartik together attempts to persuade Manish to alter his perspective of disseminating properties. Naira says in the family misjudging occurs yet that doesn’t mean all gets discrete. Kartik inquires as to whether he will be persuaded when Akhilesh and Gayu themselves will say to him that they don’t need parcel. Manish will not tune in to Karitk and Naira, he leaves the room.

Naira embraces Kartik. Kartik and Naira strolls on the step. Kartik going to fall and he control himself. Ahead, Kairav calls Goenka’s for the Christmas. Vansh, Kairav, Krish and Krishna offer blessings to Goenka’s. Vansh says to Naira that he loved the book she provided for him. Vansh says like the book character he also will attempt to stroll on his legs. Gayu grin remaining at far. Further, Naira says to kids that they have given them blessing and now she also needs to offer blessing to them.

Kartik adds yet the blessing is normal for all. He requests that Luv Kush play the video. In the video, Naira chats with Suhasini. Suhasini says she is against segment. She says she can’t envision living independently. Kartik goes to Gayu and requests her point from see on Manish’s choice. Gayu says she is furious yet never needed to remain independently with Goenka’s. She adds Kartik asked in this manner, she is stating that she don’t need any segment. Naira chats with Suwarna. Suwarna also says she don’t need any parcel. Kartik and Naira together talk with Akhilesh. Akhilesh and Surekha state they don’t need any segment. Surekkha says for her Luv Kush’s bliss matter and they obviously revealed to her that they will remain back with Manish. Akhilesh cry and says he didn’t anticipated parcel from him. Video closures, Kartik and Naira go to Manish and inquires as to whether he is as yet not persuaded. Kaira inquires as to whether he is still firm on his choice.

Manish laments his choice. He says the video opened his eyes. He apologize to Goenka’s. Manish apologize to Akhliesh what not. Akhilesh embraces Manish. Manish says with his choice he had the chance to become familiar with the entire family love and regard one another. He asks Kaira whose arrangement was this. Kartik says Naira. Mainsh expresses gratitude toward Naira. Naira says Kartik and Naksh upheld her as well. Keerti says Naira is the solitary best thing occurred in his life. All snicker. Goenka’s dance on ‘Buddhu sa Mann Hai’ dance. Afterward, Karitk and Naira blessing each other arm band.

Kartik’s vehicle meet with a mishap. Naira alarms.