Yeh Rishta kya Kehlaata Hai 27 February 2021 Written Update

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The present scene begins with Sirat and Kartik contend over flying kite. Frog goes under Sirat’s foot. She gets frightened. Meanwhile, Kartik cuts Sirat’s kite. Sirat falls submerged tub out there. Mauri and Goenka’s stand stunned. Mauri inquires as to whether she is fine. Sirat says yes. She inquires as to whether he is feeling like giggle than can snicker boisterously. Kartik, Kairav and Goenka’s snicker noisily. Kairav says Kartik is snickering uproariously after so long. Suhasini takes a stink eye from Kartik. Sirat chuckles and says frog. Kartik reviews Naira. He leaves the spot. Sirat inquires as to whether she has done anything incorrectly. Kairav says she didn’t said anything incorrectly as she generally address kartik as frong. Sirat at that point understands her misstep. She goes to Kartik and apologize to her. Kartik reviews about Naira. He says to Sirat, he comprehends that she won’t find out about each word meaning. Sirat feels terrible for Kartik. Karitk says to Sirat she is fine. Sirat inquires as to whether she can ask anything to him. Kartik permits. Sirat inquires as to whether he feel irate seeing her face. Kartik says he isn’t irate as predetermination is played game with the two of them. Sirat asks Kartik not to stress as she will take off from the house in 2-3 days post the work is finished.

Ahead, Gayu come to Sirat and address her as Naira. Sirat says to Gayu that she isn’t Naira. Gayu asks Sirat not to play with her mysterious mission game. She says she realizes she is Naira. Gayu apologize to Sirat about her conduct. Further, Sirat hear some voice. She asks Gayu what it is. Gayu labels Sirat alongside her and show to her how Kartik alived Kaira in everybody’s heart. Sirat gets anxious seeing Naira’s memory. Gayu ask Naira not to take off from the house and Karitk ever now. Kairav and Vansh see Sirat. He think Naira changed a great deal and don’t invest energy with Kartik any longer. Sirat runs out from the room. Kartik finds Sirat. He apologize to Sirat.


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