Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai 2 February 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kartik dropping the woman to the ghoomar night. Sirat alongside Mauri to arrive at a similar spot. Woman expresses gratitude toward Kartik from dropping home. Kartik inquires as to whether he will get a street to parkway. Woman says to kartik arriving at objective he is requesting street. She says to Kartik to venture down as he will get what he and his child needs. Woman adds today is the festival of association and requests that Kartik take a risk once.

Kartik will not enter the spot. Woman leave saying everything happens what has been predetermined. Kartik attempts to begin his vehicle yet falls flat. There, Sirat buy bangles alongside Mauri. Kartik advise to Kairav to sit in the vehicle as he will proceed to get specialist. He asks Kairav not to venture down from the vehicle. Ahead, woman meet Sirat and Mauri.SIrat asks woman she revealed to her that day is useful for her yet inverse occur.


Woman requests that Sirat stand by as her time will change. Mauri inquires as to whether Sirat will get her Mr. Perfect. Woman says she brought her ideal man and requests that Sirat keep an eye. Mauri gets glad. Further, Kairav goes to God to make Naira meet before Kartik really at that time he will trust him. Kartik and Sirat hit and miss second occurs at the reasonable. There, Sheela and Sonu see the vehicle and thinks from where the vehicle came. Sonu asks Sheela when they will buy this large vehicle. Sheela says to Sonu when he will procure.


Mauri come and see the vehicle. She advise to Sheela and Sonu that it is a similar vehicle who dropped her home one day. Mauri says in the event that he will locate the proprietor she will invite him. She reviews woman’s assertion and thinks Karitk is hitched and she is thinking incorrectly. Sheela and Sonu requests that Mauri go with them.

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