The present scene begins with Sirat standing stunned. Kairav calls Sirat mother. He says to Vansh that he disclosed to him that Naira will come. Rhea says to Surekha how somebody can look this comparative. Suhasini, Suwarana and others stands stunned. Gayu says to Kartik that she realized no one but Naira can convey outfit effortlessly. She says she revealed to him Naira will return. Kairav races to embrace Sirat and Kartik stops him. Kairav says to Kartik that she is Naira. Kartik says to Kairav no she isn’t his mom. There, Mauri requests Rohan to consider a to be picture from Sirat as she needs to perceive how upbeat she is. Rohan says to Mauri he will send soon. Here, Kartik hauls Sirat out from the spot and asks her for what reason she interfered with his day. He discloses to her that today is his and Naira’s commemoration. Kartik shouts at Sirat and asks her how could she is wearing red outfit. Sirat reviews Rohan telling that he booked an outfit for her. Back to the real world; Kartik advises to Sirat that outfit has a place with Naira and how could she is wearing her dress. Sirat says to Kartik that she didn’t do anything purposefully. Kartik scolds Sirat and says she is purposefully coming before Kairav to retaliate for him as he ruined her game. Kairav think why Kartik is yelling at Naira.

Kartik adds he was attempting to get Naira’s memory in Kairav’s heart however she wrecked everything. He says entire family is here to observe Naira’s commemoration yet now all are in stun on account of her. Sirat says to Kartik that she was here to cause Kairav to comprehend that she isn’t her mom. Karitk shouts at Sirat and says in view of her Kairav will not have the option to confide in him any longer. He says he made it more hard for him and his family. Kartik asks Sirat for what good reason she is as yet remaining here. He blows up on Sirat for ruining his day. Sirat shouts back at Kartik and says like his day, today is significant day for her as well. She leaves the spot. Kairav going to run behind Sirat. Kartik says to Kairva to comprehend that Sirat isn’t his mom. He says her mom is with God. Kairav won’t accept. Luv and Kush takes Kairav with him.

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