Yeh Rishta kya kehlaata Hai 14 February 2021 Written Update

Yrkkh Written Updates

Afterward, Karitk and Kairav contend over Sirat. Kairav weak and will not acknowledge Sirat isn’t Naira. Kartik blows up on Kairav. There, Sirat review Kartik’s assertion and gets eager. Suhasini gets some information about Sirat. Kartik won’t discuss Sirat.

There, Mauri requests Rohan to take care from Sirat. Seeing Sirat anxious, Rohan urges Sirat to battle and win Udaipur boxing challenge. Sirat chooses to retaliate and win. Mainsh requests that Kartik quit being discourteous with Kairav.


Karitk chooses to get Naira’s memory in Kairav’s heart he need to make Kairav distance from Sirat.Goenka’s see Sirat and stands dazed. Read More…..


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