Yeh Rishta kya Kehlaata Hai 12 February 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Kartik inquiring as to whether he is understanding what he is saying. He says he has cross-checked her experience and she is altogether different from Naira. Kartik requests that Kairav proceed onward from Sirat. He embraces Kairav. Kairav says he realizes Naira is on mission and once her central goal will be finished, she will return to him. Kairav says Kartik will acknowledge Naira. Here, Sirat and Rohan takes favoring from Mauri. Kartik says to Kairav that they need to discover bliss in little things, same like Naira used to do.

He says here and there she makes smiley on food or plan outing at home. Kartik adds he will do likewise. Ahead, Sirat says she will meet Kartik and Kairav to apologize them. She says just her face is similar yet she needs to cause Kairav to comprehend that she isn’t her mom. There, Kartik plans for b-ball coordinate at Goenka house. He cheer Kairav and requests that he play. Vansh takes Kairav with him. Rhea comes to Karitk and says she over hear his discussion and inquires as to whether the young lady is intently like Naira. Kartik advises to Rhea that lone face resembles else she isn’t Naira. Rhea says if the young lady is Naira’s copy than she has in addition to highlight enter in Kartik’s life. She gets infuriated.


There, in transit Sirat’s container fall. She requests that Rohan stop the bicycle. Sirat discovers her wristband which Karitk left out and about. She gets energized. Rohan says to Sirat comparable arm band many can have.


At Goenka house, Suhasini petitions God for Kartik and Keerti’s satisfaction. Gayu come and says she also needs to play. Kartik permits. Gayu asks from which group she should play. Kartik requests that Gayu enter in whichever group she needs. Gayu wear Naira’s name T-shirt and makes her own group. Goenka’s stands staggered. They all play the game. Ahead, Sirat arrive at Goenka manor.

Rohan and Sirat gets entranced seeing Goenka estate. Sirat chooses to return. Rohan energizes her and requests that she talk with Kairav and Kartik. Afterward, Gayu see Sirat on doorstep. She stands stunned. She address Sirat as Naira and reviews her minutes with her. Gayu embraces Sirat and gets cheerful.


Opposite side, Kartik and Goenka’s battle to quiet down Akshu. Rhea says to Kartik that infant like Akshu needs a mother. Kartik asks Rhea not make it troublesome by recommending such thing as he needs to deal with his youngsters. Here, Sirat says to Gayu that she is misconception her.


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