Yeh Rishta kya Kehlaata Hai 11 February 2021 Written Update

The present scene begins with Mauri calling out for Sirat. Sirat shows Naira’s image to Mauri. Mauri asks Sirat for what valid reason she is demonstrating her image. She asks Sirat from where he got this material. Sirat unveil to Mauri about Naira. She tells that Naira kicked the bucket not many months back. Sirat says that is the reason Kartik and Kairav misconstrued her. She reviews her minutes with Kartik and Kairav. Mauri ask Sirat from where she found out about Naira. Sirat says Rohan discover it on web. She cries and inquires as to whether she had any twin. Mauri says no. Sirat says why God is playing with her. She cries. Mauri inquires as to whether she is so fretful than consider Kartik and Kairav. She adds fate is playing with Kairav and Kartik as well. Mauri says now she comprehend why Kartik embrace her at the ghoomar night. There, Kartik discovers Sirat’s wristband. He gets a call from Manish. Manish requests that Kartik return home. Kartik says he is in transit and before long will get back to his family and youngsters. Here, Sirat reviews her conduct towards Kartik and Kairav. Kartik figures he will proceed onward whatever he felt at Jaisalmer. He chooses to go through this existence with his youngsters and family. Kartik chooses to proceed onward.

Thereafter, Sirat says to Mauri that until she will apologize to Kartik and Kairav for her conduct, she will be anxious. Sirat cries and says Kartik can see yet Kairav is child and she needs to cause him to comprehend about her conduct towards him. Mauri inquires as to whether it will be fine going to somebody’s place this way. Sirat says she needs to visit Udaipur for Kairav. She think last she was going to Udaipur for some other explanation however now she will visit Udaipur for Kairav.


Kartik tosses heavenly messenger wristband and return home. He see his home and chooses to persuade Kairav to live with Naira’s memory. Kartik figure he will acquire satisfaction Kairav’s life. There, Sirat recalls about Naira and chooses to visit Kairav straightaway. Here, Kartik alarms Suhasini. Suhasini see Kartik’s injury and gets some information about the equivalent. Kartik says he is fine. Suhasini inquires as to whether the young lady takes after Naira which Kairav was discussing. Kartik says Naira is incomparable. He encourage Goenka’s for the good of he to quit discussing that young lady. Karitk requests that Goenka’s guarantee none will go to Jaisalmer ever. Manish declare the equivalent. Ahead, Kartik meet Kairav. Kairav gets glad seeing Kartik.


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