Sirat enlighten to Mauri concerning her gathering with Kartik. Mauri stands dazed learning Sirat punched Kartik.Other side, Kartik stress for Akshu. Rhea gives Kartik, Akshu back. Kartik plays with Akshu. Subsequently, Kartik chooses to miss Naira. He shuts his eyes to recall Naira’s memory however see Sirat. Karitk gets eager.

He tosses Sirat’s wristband. There, Sirat tumbles from the bed while dozing. Further, Sirat’s companion inform to Sirat regarding open bout going to held at Udaipur. Sirat gets eager to visit Udaipur. Here, Kartik figure young lady won’t come to Udaipur ever nor he will send Kairav to her place all things considered. Kartik chooses to enquire about Sirat. Sirat escapes from the house.