Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai 03 February 2021 Written Update

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Kayara’s scene begins with Sirat moving on ‘ghoomar’ tune. Kartik see Sirat and address her Naira. He went nearer to Sirat and reviews Kairav’s statement. Kartik ponders who the young lady is. He says it is inconceivable and says how she can be Naira. Kairav in the vehicle calls Naira. Here, Kartik thinks the young lady is clearly Naira’s face-the same. He says if Naira would have been alive she would have returned to him and her youngsters. Kartik thinks possibly Naira is experiencing cognitive decline. He chooses to cross-check who the young lady is. Kartik says Kairav was correct and would have seen a similar young lady subsequently calling her Naira. He further thinks if Naira would have been nearer to her than he would have sense her essence. He see some other young lady and apologize to him. There, Sirat searches for her arm band which Kartik has. She figures wristband would have fallen when that man caused her.

Kartik goes behind Sirat and calls her Naira. He says young lady is his Naira as stature and face is same. Karitk goes behind Sirat. Sirat look for her arm band. Kartik says Kairav was correct she is his mom Naira. He inquires as to whether she is looking for wristband. Sirat pivots, Karitk stands stunned seeing her. Sirat and Kartik shares an eye-lock (kaisa suluk tu zaindagi kar rhi) plays out of sight. Kartik ventures back and stands weepy. He address Sirat as Naira. Sirat stands stunned. Kartik reviews his minutes with Naira and plunks down. He says he discovered his Naira back and gives his hand to Sirat. Sirat races to take her arm band and Kartik thinks she is running since she is Naira. Kartik embraces Sirat firmly. Sirat sits stunned.



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